WooCommerce Hosting

Specialized hosting solutions for Woocommerce ecommerce websites

Reliability for WooCommerce


Stay open for business with the outstanding reliability of our next generation global network.

Consultation for E-commerce


Count on LeaseWeb to be there when you need us. We’ll always go the extra mile to help.

Scalability for E-commerce


The LeaseWeb Customer Portal gives you complete control over your backend.

WooCommerce for WordPress gives you complete control to sell everything from t-shirts to music, from software to your own time. LeaseWeb gives you complete control of the powerful infrastructure beneath your site. Not only that, we’ll also go the extra mile to support you in building your business online and making sure that your doors are always open for business. So relax and rest assured that everything’s under control.

Recommended Configurations

 Virtual Server XLDedicated ServerDedicated Server
CPU8 coreE3-1270v24xE7-4850v2
HDD160GB SAN Storage2x1TB SATA8x960GB SSD
Traffic10TB Traffic10TB Premium (1 Gbps uplink)10TB Premium (1 Gbps uplink)
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