Leaseweb is proud of its focus on compliance and good standing as hosting provider, which is why we apply our Know Your Customer (KYC) process when registering for a new Customer account. We use state of the art technology in order to quickly and automatically verify your business details.

Automatically Verifying your Customer account

After registering for a new Customer account, your business details have to be verified before we are able to start processing and delivering your order. Please make sure that the information you provide to us to our teams and in the webshop are up-to-date and accurate and that you use an active email address so that you are able to communicate with us. This will ensure a smooth Customer verification process and helps us create a safe environment to prevent defaults, fraud and abuse of our services. The Customer information you submit to us will be verified automatically fast track.

Extra Verification

If we are not able to verify your details automatically based on our customer information systems, we may reach out to you for more information via the email address and/or the phone number you provided. This is a manual process for Extra Verification while contacting you. You may be required to provide additional information if we have any questions with respect to business name and registration, business website URL, personal contact details and proof of identity, address and location details. Once fully verified for adequate compliance standards, we are in the position to accept your order and may enter into a Sales Contract.

You can find this procedure in the applicable Leaseweb Sales Terms and Conditions.

Also as an existing customer, we may verify your details again. In this case, we will give you ample notice and opportunity to provide all the required information. In the Sales terms and conditions you can read that we request you to keep us updated on any changes in your Customer account and business details.


By entering your webshop order or requesting a Quotation, you consent that Leaseweb is applying its KYC Customer Verification procedure and shall process any personal data involved for this purpose. We hereby have duly informed you of the legitimate purpose and legal grounds for such consent.

How long does it take to be verified?

Your order will automatically be verified in a very short transaction time of a few seconds after you submit your payment (or bank transfer request). In case of required customer information system this may lapse to about 5 minutes.

In case of the duration of the Extra Verification, we will submit within 15 minutes our requirement for additional information to you. After our request within this time frame, it depends on you how soon you can supply us with such information and/or documents so that we may enter into a Sales Contract.

For more information on how Leaseweb processes any personal data as part of your Customer Account, please read our Privacy Statement here.