Don't play around.

In a market where downtime or sluggish performance means 'game over' you'd better set speed and reliability settings to 'high'. Deliver high definition, multi-player games globally with the speed and availability required for a seamless gaming experience. Then scale up smoothly as your game takes off.

Low latency for Gaming

Low latency

Scalability for Gaming

High scalability

Hybrid Hosting for Gaming

Hybrid Ready

LeaseWeb's exceptional uptime, 24/7 support and ability to support our growth plans globally help us maintain a high degree of quality when making our games.
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How we meet gaming needs

Keep gamers gaming with low latency and high reliability.

Our network is one of the largest in the world, delivering a 5.5 Tbps bandwidth capacity and a core uptime of 99.9999%. With fully redundant architecture via state of the art data centers around the globe, you can count on us to deliver the resiliency and availability you need.

Better performance means healthier revenues.

Our next-generation Content Delivery Networks deliver your games at lightning-fast speeds to feed this massive market. And the better the experience, the greater your success.

Optimal performance tailored to your specific application.

Different workloads perform better on different architectures. We provide a choice of powerful dedicated servers, public and private clouds or hybrid solutions to deliver your games in the most efficient way.

Scale up or down to meet demand.

When a game takes off the surge in demand can be overwhelming. Over-specifying capacity is a logical but expensive way to cope. With LeaseWeb it’s quick and easy to deploy new virtual or dedicated servers as you need them through our intuitive portal and API. So you can keep on top of costs and only pay for what you need.

Gaming Solutions
Gaming configuration S
  • Cloud servers for front and back-end processes
  • Software based firewall and load balancer
  • Control costs with VMs
  • Game servers and database servers can be added quickly as demand grows
  • Start small and scale up easily
Gaming configuration M
As before plus:
  • Cloud Servers for front end
  • Bare Metal Servers for back end
  • Private networking connects Cloud and Bare Metal environments
  • Game servers in cloud
  • Cloud servers can be instantly scaled up (more capacity, surges in demand)
  • Bare Metal for higher processing speeds in back end
  • Free data traffic over Private Network (fixed fee)
  • High speed and high security using private connection
Gaming configuration L
As before plus:
  • Hardware based private firewalls and load balancers
  • Bare Metal Servers for back end processes
  • Additional ‘Lobby Server’ on front end
  • Add multiple private VLANs to separate traffic
  • Use our CDN to accelerate media content delivery
  • Separate storage for backup and content (SAN/NAS)
  • Enjoy full capacity performance from private firewalls and load balancers
  • Fast scalability for front end processes
  • More game servers can be deployed almost instantly
  • Redundant firewall and load balancing for high reliability
  • Relatively cheap storage solutions
  • Low latency delivery of rich content to end users anywhere in the world
  • Backup solution providing disaster recovery for peace of mind
Gaming configuration XL
As before plus:
  • Architecture is ramped up on a massive scale
  • Racks of bare metal servers – or an entire suite
  • Full 10 GE network connectivity
  • Handle bursting with multiple racks of servers
  • Extra capacity and speed
  • Service thousands of players concurrently
  • Scalable to meet demands of even most popular games