VMware vSphere

Sublimate your infrastructure into the cloud with Leaseweb vSphere. Deploy large virtualization environments into your dedicated infrastructure without long-term investments. Reach the highest reliability and stability standards by deploying your core services on top of enterprise-grade dedicated hardware, managed, and served by Leaseweb from our data centers, with access to the best redundant infrastructure and network. You grow your business, and we care for your infrastructure.

Choose between Leaseweb VMware vSphere to access enterprise-grade high performant SSD NAS storage or Leaseweb VMware HCI to access your hyperconverged full NVMe vSAN storage, as well as NSX-T-based virtual network within your infrastructure.

Fully Redundant Infrastructure

Leaseweb’s Private Cloud architecture ensures your system has no single point of failure. All levels - from hypervisors to software components, storage to network – are designed with redundant architecture. Service Level Agreements are included by default.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Easily combine your VMware-based private cloud and your other Leaseweb cloud services with our state-of-the-art network and enterprise tier data centers, or choose to connect your infrastructure to the public cloud.

Isolated Environments

Single tenant environments mean enhanced security for your infrastructure. Our private clouds are hosted in private dedicated racks with your infrastructure. Gain access to virtual machines and datastores with the option to add additional dedicated infrastructure, such as firewalls and load balancers.

Powerful API

Reduce manual maintenance tasks and take advantage of the vCenter API, or automate in Powershell using cmdlets provided via PowerCLI. Control your infrastructure with automated tools or integrate your private cloud with your own systems.

Expert Service

Leaseweb’s technical team proactively monitors, upgrades, and patches all hardware and software components of your private cloud, so you can focus on managing virtual computing resources to run your business workloads.

Hyperconverged infrastructure  

Go beyond compute virtualization and take advantage of the full storage and network virtualization with the hyperconverged option. With Leaseweb VMware HCI, you have maximum control over the vSAN storage and NSX-T network. All private for you, running on your private hardware, and managed by Leaseweb.

Disaster recovery as a service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Protect your applications and data from disruption and ensure your organization’s business continuity. Our DRaaS is powered by Zerto, allowing you to benefit from RPOs and RTOs that exceed industry standards. There is no complicated setup or maintenance and minimal impact on applications and resources. We monitor and manage the complete DR environment, and you choose which virtual machines to protect and control failover, whenever necessary.


Backup as a Service

With Veeam and the Leaseweb backup management console, you have the freedom to choose how to back up your virtual machines. Enjoy full flexibility in defining the backup policy retentions and restores for each of your virtual machines. We take care of the backup platform 24/7 and ensure that all hardware and software components are updated and working perfectly.



Product Sheet

DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service

Learn more about how our DR solution will help you to ensure business continuity.


Product Sheet

Leaseweb VMware vSphere

All the specifications you need to know about our VMware solutions and what it could do for your business.