Key Benefits


Leaseweb GPU servers provide you with the raw power you need to make resource-intensive applications fly. Fully customizable high performance supported with GPU acceleration capabilities, they are ideal for AI, graphics rendering, video transcoding, or other data intensive workloads.


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GPU Server benefits

  • Different GPU cards supported to match your use case
  • Value for money – great price performance ratio
  • Flexible to configure for your performance needs
  • GPU support to enhance your server performance for workloads (VDI, AI, Big Data analysis, HPC)
leaseweb dedicated gpu server

Leaseweb Dedicated Servers

  • Uncompromising performance
  • Customizable for your needs
  • Integrated security and compliance
  • Flexibility with monthly contracts

Find optimal GPU server solution to empower your CPU

Multi-Purpose GPU - NVIDIA Tesla T4

High Performance Compute, Deep Learning / AI GPUs - NVIDIA A30 or A100

VDI, Graphics Rendering & Video Transcoding – NVIDIA A40

The availability of GPU cards and GPU supporting servers depends on availability of stock and
can lead to longer delivery times if your GPU of choice is not in stock.



Included in all GPU Servers

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GPU Selection

Select the right GPU for your use case and workload. Servers are configurable for your specific speed and size needs.

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Flexible Configuration

Our Dedicated GPU servers are configurable to your specific needs.

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Best Buy GPU Servers

High performance with GPU acceleration does not have to mean high price. We offer affordable options with a strong price/performance ratio.

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High Availability

High bandwidth connectivity options combined with a redundant low latency network results in high availability of your GPU processed data and graphics.


GPU Supported Servers

Examples of servers supporting T4 GPU:

  • Dell R740XD Intel Xeon Gold 5218 or Intel Xeon Silver 4214.
  • HP DL385 G10 with AMD EPYC 7402.
  • Dell R730XD with Intel Xeon E5-2650v4.
  • HP DL385 G10 Plus V2 with AMD EPYC 7413.
  • Dell R7525 with AMD EPYC 7543.

Examples of servers supporting double-width NVIDIA GPUs:

  • HP DL380 G10 8x 2.5” SATA +2x 2.5” U.2 NVMe with Intel Xeon Gold 5218 or Intel Xeon Silver 4214.
  • HP DL385 G10 Plus V2 with AMD EPYC 7413.
  • Dell R7525 with AMD EPYC 7543.
  • More Intel GPU supporting servers coming soon.

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Ideal for usage in:


AI and Machine Learning

These applications benefit from the GPU performance and heavy compute power offered by Leaseweb to model neural networks, train machine learning models, recognize images, complete structural analyses, and detect fraud.



Accelerate performance of your virtual desktop infrastructure using Leaseweb GPU servers to increase graphic rendering speed

Big Data

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality applications rely heavily on fast rendering of graphics. Use Leaseweb dedicated GPU servers to improve the customer experience of your virtual reality app.


Video Transcoding

High Performance compute resources supported with GPU instances are used in video pre- production and encoding/rendering of live streaming.

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