Choose the Best Cloud Storage Options to Store Your Data


Use case examples Libraries, repositories, backup, development
Latency95% < 10ms
Storage typesFile
Price per
€0,04 / $0,06 / £0,04
Minimum commitment 1TB
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Use case examples Transactional, production databases, virtual machines
Max IOPS/Volume8.000
Latency95% < 2ms
Storage typesBlock or File
Price per
€0,10 / $0,13 / £0,09
Minimum commitment 500GB
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Use case examplesHigh performance workloads, performance databases
Max IOPS/Volume30.000
Latency 95% < 1ms
Storage typesBlock or File
Price per
€0,19 / $0,25 / £0,16
Minimum commitment 500GB
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Grow your storage along with your business needs. Choose the best suited Leaseweb cloud storage service for its reliability, performance, and predictable pricing. Add and pay for more capacity only when you need it while enjoying a better performance at the same price.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a cloud computing model that allows you to store data with a cloud storage solution provider. You can access it anytime through a dedicated private network connection or the public internet. Since the cloud provider stores the data, they take the responsibility for the management, maintenance, security, and support of the storage platform. Giving you access to advanced data storage technologies and allowing you to scale when your storage capacity requirements change.

Best cloud storage solution by Leaseweb

Benefits of Using a Cloud Storage Solution

Cost control

Leaseweb Cloud Storage allows you to use advanced storage technologies, without the need to invest heavily in expensive storage systems. Pay only for the  capacity  required and eliminate wasting storage space.   


With our cloud storage solution, it’s easy to add extra storage when more  capacity  is required. It’s also easy to select the right cloud storage option for the right workload, such as backup for cold storage, and high-performance block storage for mission critical application databases. 

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Availability and Reliability

Focus on the use of cloud stored data for your applications and leave the platform management to us.

Security and Privacy

Besides encryption, Leaseweb Cloud Storage provides an enterprise grade level security for all three security aspects: availability, integrity, and confidentiality, with additional features to boot.


Choose the best storage performance option that best suits your workload, going up to 30K IOPS/volume with 95%<1ms latency on our performance tier.

Why Choose Leaseweb Cloud Storage Service?



  • Leaseweb data storage platforms are fully redundant and fault tolerant, from the power supply and network paths, to compute nodes, data cables and disks.
  • There’s no single point of failure across all storage platforms, ensuring data is available at all times.



  • Dual parity RAID keeps your data safe, even with the failure of two concurrent disks.
  • Spare disks across the platform are ready to proactively start reconstructing the data, to keep redundancy as soon as the system detects that a disk is about to fail, and before it occurs.



  • Our customers can benefit from encryption options and stay connected to storage through links to the storage network, which is different than the management or service network.
  • Each customer’s data is also split and isolated within the network in different VLANs, inaccessible from outside.



  • Additional features, such as backup, give you access to copies on different systems, anchored at given moments in time, to retrieve accidentally deleted or altered files.
  • As well as recover from a major data loss, caused by a disaster or an attack.

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Ideal for Usage in:

big data

Big Data Applications 


MarTech & AdTech  Solutions  


Software as a Service (SaaS) 





E-commerce Websites

E-commerce Websites

Which Cloud Storage type is most suitable for your data?

What is Block Storage?

Block storage is a storage type meant for workloads where it is important to retrieve and manipulate data quickly and frequently. A storage volume is provided that can be addressed by a server or VM as if it was a local disk and it is for example very suitable to run production databases on. The storage provided is part of a Storage Area Network (SAN) and is delivered over the iSCSI protocol.

What is File Storage?

File Storage, also known as Network Attached Storage (NAS) is meant for use cases with many applications or users accessing the same data. It is very useful for retrieving e.g. a mix of structured and unstructured data, such as a combination of text and media files. File Storage makes data accessible in a file structure organized in paths and directories. Data is accessed over the NFS or CIFS protocol.