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Report Abuse and Illegal Content

Each Leaseweb Sales Entity promotes a high level of responsible behavior in connection with the use of its services and each Leaseweb Sales Entity respects the rights of others and requires that users of Leaseweb services do the same. To ensure that rights holders can effectively enforce their rights, and also to ensure that any misuse of Leaseweb services is remedied, each of the Leaseweb Sales Entity has adopted an abuse and illegal content handling policy.

None of the Leaseweb Sales Entities are able to monitor completely the manner in which its services are used by a customer or an end user. If you have identified that Leaseweb services are used in violation of the Leaseweb Policies or any applicable law, or if you believe that your content has been used in a manner that infringes upon your rights, you can send an abuse or illegal content notification to the relevant Leaseweb Sales Entity. The procedure and requirements for the abuse notifications are set forth below.

The Leaseweb Compliance department is quick to act on all notifications it receives. All notifications received are evaluated by Leaseweb’s automatic Abuse Prevention Tool, which is active 24/7 and handles notifications all year round.

Requirements to report abuse and illegal content

Please follow the requirements stated below when submitting a notification about content hosted and/or transmitted by a Leaseweb sales entity. It is imperative that you follow these guidelines; non-compliance may result in a delayed or faulty processing of your notification.

  • Ensure that the notification is submitted in plain text.
  • Submit the notification in English language.
  • Send the abuse notification to the correct Leaseweb sales entity.
  • Do not send any notifications from a NO-REPLY email address.
  • Include your name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • The notification should reference a static URL that from where the reported content is located or from which the reported conduct occurred. This URL should resolve to an IP address assigned to a Leaseweb sales entity, and mentioned in the body of the email/notification.
  • Only include one IP address per notification. If you wish to submit a notification for more than one IP address, please send multiple notifications.
  • Only include URLs or domains in your abuse notification for which you are seeking resolution.
  • Provide a description of the content or conduct that you wish to report and why this is infringing your rights or violating applicable law or the applicable Acceptable Use Policy.
  • For trademark infringement notifications: the registration details (including registration number) for the infringed trademark.
  • For copyright infringement, please include a description of the copyrighted work you claim has been infringed, including a copy of the copyrighted work or the web page address where the copyrighted work may be found.
  • For hacking, VOIP/SIP Scanning, (D)Dos and malicious software: a description of the illegal activities, including date and timestamp, the IP address of servers that are subject of the illegal activities, the destination port, source port and log files.
  • Include one of the following key words in the body of your notification: [Child abuse] [Live streaming] [Copyright] [ Trademark] [Voip/SIP] [Phishing] [DDOS] [Spam] [Hack] [Malware] [Gambling] [Zoophilia] [Defamation] [personal data] [Photos of persons]

For DMCA Notices for Leaseweb USA, Inc the following additional requirements apply:

  • An electronic or physical signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright allegedly infringed;
  • A statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use of the material at issue is not authorized by the copyright owner, the agent of the copyright owner or the law; and
  • A statement by you that the information in this notification is accurate and a statement, under penalty of perjury, that you are the copyright owner of the material allegedly infringed or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf.

Prohibited illegal activities and illegal content

Customers and it’s End Users shall ensure that the Leaseweb Services are only used for lawful purposes and shall refrain from any use that breaches the Leaseweb Policies or any applicable law.

For an overview of the illegal activities and illegal content prohibited by the relevant Leaseweb Sales Entities, we refer you to the separate Policies of each Leaseweb Sales Entity to be found here.

Abuse and Illegal Content Process

The Compliance department works with an automated Abuse Handling tool. This Tool serves both the Leaseweb customer, and the notifier. Both parties receive an active interface which can be used to track the status of a notification and communicate directly with the relevant Compliance department. After submitting a notification, you will receive an email with a link to the Leaseweb Abuse Prevention Tool.

The Leaseweb Sales Entity does not have access to particular content hosted by users of Leaseweb services. Upon receipt of an abuse and illegal content notification, the Abuse Prevention Tool will forward your notice to the appropriate customer. It may therefore be more efficient, and in some cases even required, for you to send your abuse notification directly to the user of Leaseweb services.

How to submit an Abuse and Illegal Content Notification?

You can submit a notification to the relevant Leaseweb sales entity by way of email. It is important that you send the notification to the correct Leaseweb sales entity. Each sales entity has its own designated email address for abuse notifications:

Leaseweb Netherlands B.V.abuse@nl.leaseweb.com
Leaseweb Deutschland GmbHabuse@de.leaseweb.com
Leaseweb USA, Inc.abuse@us.leaseweb.com
Leaseweb Singapore Pte. Ltd.abuse@sg.leaseweb.com
Leaseweb Hong Kong Ltd.abuse@hk.leaseweb.com
Leaseweb Japan K.K.abuse@jp.leaseweb.com
Leaseweb Network B.V.abuse@network.leaseweb.com
Leaseweb UK Ltd. abuse@uk.leaseweb.com
Leaseweb Australia PTY Ltd.abuse@au.leaseweb.com
Leaseweb Canada Inc.abuse@ca.leaseweb.com

You can also submit a notification through our web form.

DMCA notices for Leaseweb USA, Inc may also be sent to:

For Leaseweb USA, Inc.
Leaseweb Abuse Desk
Leaseweb USA, Inc.
9301 Innovation Dr., Suite 100
Manassas, VA 20110
Email: abusedesk-us@us.leaseweb.com