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This Compliance Transparency Report aims to provide Leaseweb customers and relevant and interested parties, such as government, law enforcement authorities, and business partners, a realistic and genuine activity-based overview of Leaseweb’s Compliance approach to internet abuse, or so called misuse of internet.

The Leaseweb Compliance Transparency Report

The Leaseweb Compliance Transparency Report, issued by the Legal & Compliance Department, provides an overview of Leaseweb Abuse Handling performance as a good hoster. This document addresses the following:

  • Deeper insight into the Abuse Handling process
  • The setup of the compliance department, from handling all incoming abuse notifications to KYC
  • Leaseweb’s contribution in fighting CSEM, including its compliance program for customers
  • Leaseweb’s compliance rate and Uptime requirements
  • Regulatory developments
  • And much more

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