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The SAP HANA services you provide directly influence your customer’s efficiency and growth. To support that growth, your expertise in consulting, implementing and managing SAP HANA solutions should be fully leveraged by collaborating with the right SAP hosting partner. Our experts guide you with designing and matching the right infrastructure components into the best possible hosting solution. This makes sure your customers can operate more efficiently using your SAP HANA implementation. Our solutions can grow to support the continued success of your customers' business.

Benefits of Our SAP HANA Hosting Solutions



In partnership with you, we match the right infrastructure components to the right workloads, guaranteeing efficiency and performance. Our engineers will always take cost-efficiency into consideration when designing your solution to help your bottom line. The flexibility of our products ensures you and your customers enjoy the desired uptime and availability, even at scale.



Redundancy is in our DNA so our experts will always build-in failsafes where you require them. Our dual data center setups allow us to create a redundant hosting solution that will guarantee availability for your SAP HANA environments. Your business should remain flexible and so should your infrastructure. That is why our solutions are technologically agnostic, so you are not locked-in to a certain type of technology when needing to adapt.


Security and Data Residency

Host your SAP HANA solution in our certified data centers in Europe so you know exactly where your data is, ensuring GDPR compliance. The hardware we use to build your solution conforms to SAP certifications. Finally, we have extensive physical, software and hardware-based security measures in place to ensure your infrastructure is secure.

Our Industry Leading Network

All components we use to create our SAP HANA hosting solutions are built on our state-of-the-art network. Thanks to over 20 years of expertise, we have created a global network that is truly dependable and redundant. At the core of everything we do, our network ensures your SAP HANA environment is always available at the speed your customers require.

Core Components

Our SAP HANA hosting solutions consist of optimally combined core components matched to your needs.


Dedicated Servers

We use high performance dedicated servers with ample RAM to run SAP HANA. This ensures your customer’s data is always available at the desired speed.



Our leading cloud technologies are best used for applications and services that require flexibility and scaling such as SAP S/4 HANA native applications, analytics and developed apps.



In making the transition to SAP HANA, our experts can help you move your legacy, owned, or on- premise hardware into our data centers and make sure it works perfectly together with our hybrid infrastructure solutions.



Cyber Security

Protection of your data is important to us, especially since any infrastructure is at risk to DDoS attacks and hackers. Our infrastructure level solutions as well as our cloud-based software security service mitigates malicious threats.


Backup and Recovery

No solution is complete without proper backup and recovery. We partner with two of the leading data protection providers in the industry, so we can ensure the continuity of your data and workloads.

SAP Implementation Partners


Delaware relies on our over 20 years of hosting experience to help onboard and transition their customers to SAP HANA. Delaware runs their SAP HANA implementations on our powerful hybrid cloud solution, made to fit exactly to their needs and requirements.

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