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Leaseweb Object Storage Pricing

Region* STANDARD 1
Storage Space (Commitment) 500 GB - 50 TB € 0,01485 /GB
50 TB - 500 TB € 0,01425 /GB
500+ TB € 0,01364 /GB
Transfer out 0 - 10 TB € 0,0022 /GB
10 TB - 50 TB € 0,0014 /GB
50 TB - 150+ TB € 0,0010 /GB
PUT like requests 2 € 0,00382 /1000 Calls
GET like requests 3 € 0,00031 /1000 Calls
Data Retrieval -
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* Available in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.
1. Minimum space: 500 GB
3. GET, SELECT, and other requests

  • Data Retrieval: The Retrieval fee applies to all data read from the Object Storage in the Infrequent tier.
  • Minimum Storage Duration: Any object stored in the Infrequent tier will be charged for at least one month, even if it’s deleted earlier.

What is Object Storage?

Object Storage is a storage platform that provides cost-effective, scalable and secure storage. It can handle vast amounts of data with outstanding levels of durability and availability. Object Storage uses widely spread APIs, such as S3, over standard Internet protocols, like HTTPS, to handle and store data. Data is stored in the shape of objects and buckets, making it more secure compared to other forms of storage. Each of the two Leaseweb options for Object Storage keeps your data redundantly spanned across three or more systems, in the same or different availability zones depending on the product, ensuring that your data is safe regardless of any issues that could happen in a server or availability zone.

Key Features of Leaseweb Object Storage


Reliable and Durable

Residing on one of the most reliable networks in the world with 99.99% uptime, and backed by industry-leading SLAs, our Object Storage platform offers more than just great performance, it offers unmatched peace of mind.



Whether you’re looking to host a website, content, videos, application data, archive, or backup, you can quickly and easily scale your storage to meet your needs.



We know how valuable your data is. That’s why we span your data across at least three different systems to guarantee that your data is complete — even if one of the systems gets destroyed. No matter what you store, it’s always safe.


S3 Compatible

Our Object Storage platform is compliant with the S3 API to guarantee compatibility with all major products and services.


Easy to Integrate

Our Object Storage platform is accessible from the Internet and fully integrated with all of our products. So, whether you are using your own infrastructure, dedicated servers, hybrid cloud or any of our other offerings, you can be sure that everything will work perfectly together.

Ideal Use Cases


Application Data

Connect your application to our Object Storage via the S3 API and get a standard, reliable and performant data pool that can be accessed concurrently by any number of application servers. This is ideal for social media or ecommerce applications which require uploading large amounts of images and videos.


Data Archive

With near limitless scale, a world-class network, and fully data redundancy, the Leaseweb Object Storage platform is a secure and reliable place to store all of your important data. This is ideal for media companies with high capacity and performance requirements.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Leaseweb's Object Storage platform provides a resilient solution for securing all of your important data, ensuring that it’s both protected and readily available no matter what happens. Back up your data, wherever it is, into a reliable platform to guarantee it won’t be lost. This is vital for companies which are legally required to store data for specified time periods and cannot risk losing said data.


Persistent Storage for Containers

Our Object Storage provides persistent storage for your containers, wherever they are. Simply connect your container infrastructure to the Object Storage using the S3 API.

Frequently Asked Questions

In block storage, only one server can be the owner of the file system at a given time and the connection with the source of the blocks must be extremely reliable and stable to prevent data loss.

However, object storage keeps control of the stored objects. This means data changes are transactions that can be done without risk to the consistency of the stored data, even through the Internet.

File storage relies on protocols that were not designed to be both performant and secure through the Internet, as they are designed to be used on private networks where trusted servers and users are connected.

Object storage, on the other hand, adds a security layer onto the API access and keeps transactional control over the data written, including built-in version control and metadata management.

Leaseweb Object Storage allows you to develop your applications that make use of the S3 standard to store, query and retrieve your data in the shape of objects. It is portable from or to any other S3 compatible object storage platform. 

Leaseweb Object Storage provides 99,99% availability on the Standard format, and 99,95% availability on the Standard One Zone Infrequent model.

With Leaseweb Object Storage you can store different versions of your objects by enabling versioning on the corresponding bucket. Once enabled, the different versions of the objects can be accessed via the S3 compatible API.

Data is accessible via the S3 API. You can use your favorite framework to build the object management of your software and use your favorite S3 compatible application to browse the objects yourself.

The maximum size allowed for an object is 5TB, while fair use policy might prevent large objects to be uploaded on certain circumstances. If you plan to upload large objects, please let us know in advance.

Leaseweb Object Storage is a platform that allows you to use the S3 protocol to store your data, in the shape of objects, by using standard HTTPS connections. By using it, you can upload and retrieve, as well as set and query metadata information about the stored data.

Once you start up your object storage, you first need to create your bucket (a container where the objects are stored) and a user key (a string that authenticates you in the system).

With these, you can access the object storage end point with the proper API calls to upload your objects (files) into your bucket.

Yes this is supported. It can be done with any s3 application that supports it, or via s3cmd:

s3cmd signurl s3://BUCKET/OBJECT


Product Sheet

Object Storage

General summary of the Object Storage. Outlines specifications and benefits.


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