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Bandwidth capacity


6 Top Tier-1



10GE & 100GE


Leaseweb's 25 state-of-the-art data centers provides a worldwide network architecture that offers reliable and secure infrastructure for your Internet business. Our redundant network connects to the world's most important Internet exchanges, ensuring fast website access and unrivaled performance. This means we can offer up to 10+ Tbps of bandwidth capacity, with a core network uptime of 99.999%, and that you can flexibly scale as you grow.

Leaseweb Network Architecture

Connectivity to Tier 1 internet backbones

Each border router (BR) is connected to multiple Tier 1 internet backbones, such as Telia, Tata, Cogent, GTT, Zayo, and NTT. This contributes to network availability, performance and price/performance.

Leaseweb Global Network (Peering)

With the Leaseweb Global Network we establish direct connectivity from major data centers directly to major internet hubs (Internet Exchanges and Private Network Interconnects) around the world.


Both our internal and public networks have a fully redundant architecture. There is no single point of failure, and above that, we use a dual-vendor policy on ou border routers (BR's).

Private Network

Any rack at our datacenters also connects to a separate internal network. This enables data exchange at a low cost, with low latency and avoids exposure to cybercrime risk on the internet.

A diagram explaining Leaseweb Network Architecture

Bandwidth Capacity

The total edge bandwidth capacity of our networks is over 10 Tbps and continuously growing to keep up with demand. The redundant architecture of our networks results in a 99.999% uptime of our core networks and the connectivity between the server racks and the internet.

Our speedtest servers are iperf3 compatible, for more details click here.

Downloadable Speed Test Files

Amsterdam AMS-01 Data Center

Amsterdam AMS-02 Data Center

Chicago CHI-11 Data Center

Dallas DAL-13 Data Center

Frankfurt am Main FRA-01 Data Center

Hong Kong HKG-12 Data Center

London LON-01 Data Center

London LON-12 Data Center

Los Angeles LAX-12 Data Center

Miami MIA-11 Data Center

Montreal MTL-02(MNE) Data Center

New York NYC-01 Data Center

Phoenix PHX-01 Data Center

San Francisco SFO-12 Data Center

Seattle SEA-11 Data Center

Singapore SIN-01 Data Center

Sydney SYD-12 Data Center

Tokyo TYO-11 Data Center

Washington WDC-02 Data Center

Leaseweb Network - Bandwidth information

Leaseweb Network Features


DDoS Protection

To protect our customers against cybercrime, we have deployed technology to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks in all our data centers. We protect all our hosting services with a standard DDoS IP Protection service. Also, we offer customized DDoS IP Protection services that provide accelerated detection and enhanced protection.



For many of our customers, low latency between the Leaseweb services and their customers is of primary importance. To monitor and optimize such latency, we have deployed a system that continuously measures the latency between the major ISPs around the world and the Leaseweb data centers.


Software Defined Networks

To enable the fastest delivery of new services, we have deployed Software Defined Networks (SDN) technology to automate such delivery – contributing to the flexibility our customers need.


Floating IPs

To enable our customers to assign hosting services to IP addresses in a flexible way and build high availability setups, we have deployed Floating IP’s – another cornerstone of our hybrid cloud offering.


Automated Audits

To further enhance availability while keeping operating costs low, we keep standardizing and automating the configuration of networks – while deploying automated audits to spot and correct deviations.


24x7 Network Operations Teams

To ensure maximum performance and fast responses to incidents, we have deployed 24x7 Network Operations teams in multiple regions.

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