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Leaseweb Managed Kubernetes makes managing Kubernetes easy and efficient. You can deploy Kubernetes without worrying about the complications of managing the components required for Kubernetes to work. We handle the hard work of managing the Kubernetes Control Plane for you, including upgrades. This way, you can focus on effectively managing your applications and microservices without any trouble.

Why choose Leaseweb Managed Kubernetes?

Choose Leaseweb, a global yet local cloud services provider that prioritizes personalization and flexibility to suit your unique needs. Our commitment to providing the best price-to-performance ratio has made us the preferred partner for countless companies worldwide, trusting us with their mission-critical applications. Reap the benefits of managed Kubernetes at no additional cost, while taking advantage of our reliable and trusted Leaseweb Cloud.

Leaseweb Managed Kubernetes Beta Features


Managed by Leaseweb

Leaseweb takes care of the installation, monitoring, and maintenance of the Kubernetes masters and control plane, plus the underlying equipment and network infrastructure, ensuring a hassle-free customer experience.


Persistent Storage

You can benefit from automatic provisioning of persistent storage volumes on high-performance platforms, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Elastic Compute Nodes

Utilize Leaseweb Elastic Compute instances as worker nodes for Kubernetes clusters. Elastic Compute is a cost-effective Cloud solution offering flexibility for optimizing workloads, allowing you to easily scale compute power to meet changing demands.



Leaseweb conducts regular cluster health checks to ensure availability and stability. If there any issues, Leaseweb will take the necessary action to correct them.


Leaseweb Customer Portal and Knowledge Base

Get started with your Kubernetes cluster from the Customer Portal. Create and manage Kubernetes clusters, get your Kubectl config and monitor resource use. View our Knowledge Base articles to get you started.


Kubernetes Dashboard

Kubernetes comes with a standard Kubernetes Dashboard, which is easy to deploy. Follow the instructions in our Knowledge Base to deploy this Dashboard to monitor and manage your cluster from there.


RBAC and namespaces

Retrieve your Kubectl configuration from our Customer Portal to interact with and oversee your Kubernetes cluster. Administer Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and oversee namespace management.​


Firewalls & Load Balancers

Experience automated deployment of pre-configured load balancers and firewalls. Benefit from the ease of scalability, and eliminate manual configuration and installation of load balancers and firewalls.


Multiple Clusters Per Platform

Create multiple clusters in a single data center location with ease and flexibility. With multiple clusters, you can easily separate functions or applications for e.g. a test and production cluster.


Version Management

Stay up to date with scheduled updates. Your clusters can remain current and secure without manual upgrades. We support up to the latest 3 minor Kubernetes versions.


Industry-leading Standards and Certification

Built with adherence to CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) standards. Certification for CNCF compliance is in progress, ensuring industry-standard practices and compatibility.

Benefits of using Leaseweb Kubernetes

Leaseweb Managed Kubernetes Beta leverages the power of Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestration platform, to simplify the management of containerized workloads across a cluster of computing nodes.


  • Managed by Leaseweb: Kubernetes allows you to seamlessly deploy and manage containerized applications. Leaseweb handles the underlying infrastructure, ensuring your applications are running smoothly.
  • Automatic Scaling and Resource Management: With Kubernetes, scaling your applications becomes effortless. It automatically adjusts the number of containers based on resource demands, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization.
  • Storage Management: Kubernetes provides robust storage management capabilities, and Leaseweb integrates these features. It enables you to manage storage across all your containers, ensuring data persistence and application accessibility.
  • Infrastructure State Enforcement: Kubernetes enforces the desired state of your infrastructure. It ensures that your applications and containers are always running according to the defined configuration, making it easier to maintain consistency and reliability.


How can Leaseweb Managed Kubernetes help your business?

Simplifying microservice/container-based application deployment and management

Kubernetes offers a robust solution for deploying and managing microservice or container-based applications. Through its declarative approach, developers can specify desired states, facilitating automatic scaling, self-healing, and load balancing. This simplifies the handling of intricate architectures, streamlines updates, and guarantees peak performance for microservices. Additionally, Kubernetes is particularly beneficial for containerized applications and prepackaged apps, providing a seamless and efficient environment for their deployment and maintenance.

2 engineers doing configurations on a computer, with one engineer pointing at the screen

Kubernetes Beta Introduction Pricing

Leaseweb brings you the power of Kubernetes at no additional cost. Kubernetes itself is provided free of charge, covering deployment, hosting, and updates for master components. You only pay for the underlying cloud resources (compute and storage) to run your containers and store data. Benefit from seamless Kubernetes management and transparent pricing with Leaseweb Reliable Cloud.

Use Kubernetes with Leaseweb Elastic Compute On-Demand at 50% of the normal price for the first 12 months​.

Introduction Pricing

Competitive pricing with excellent compute performance.

Elastic Compute On Demand - Kubernetes Beta Pricing
No commitment, pay as you go (hourly)

vCPU (per vCPU / hour)*0.00380.00480.00600.00570.0027
vRAM (per GB / hour)*0.00190.00240.00300.00140.0014
SSD Storage** (per GB)0.0810.0840.10900.12720.0702
Traffic in/out per GB0.00200.00210.00290.00210.0018
IP subnet - 3 usable IP addresses***FreeFreeFreeFreeFree

* Pricing is per hour based on actual usage rounded to the full hour.
** Storage is billed in peak usage per month for both worker node and persistent storage.
** IP’s are available as a pool of IPs (subnet), with the smallest subnet offered for free (/29 - 3 usable IPs).

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Full Month Pricing

Please refer to the following document for more information on instance pricing for full month use as well as how storage is measured and charged

Instance pricing for full month use

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Product Sheet

Leaseweb Managed Kubernetes (Beta)

More info about Leaseweb Managed Kubernetes. Outlines the specs, pricing and benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions

Leaseweb Managed Kubernetes is a production ready service deployed in a high available setup. During the Beta phase we will acquire CNCF compliancy, fine tune the product and add additional service options. We appreciate your feedback for this. No SLA is provided during the Beta phase.
Our service is in the process of obtaining CNCF certification and is compliant with CNCF standards. Leaseweb is a registered CNCF member.
The maximum number of worker nodes allowed in a cluster is 500. However, it is recommended to stay within 100 nodes per cluster for optimal performance and manageability.
Yes, you can create and support multiple clusters. Each additional cluster represents an additional Kubernetes service where you can manage assigned resources separately per cluster and have separate master nodes, firewalls, load balancers and settings.
Yes, our Kubernetes supports automatically deployment of pre-configured load balancer and firewall options. For load balancing functionality, it supports NGINX or Traefik. However, it's important to note that we do not currently offer support for customizing firewall configuration or integrating external firewalls to a cluster. That being said, Kubernetes itself allows for defining rules on how to manage traffic related to pods through NetworkPolicy, and this feature is supported.
Yes, we provide Load Balancers with Kubernetes, which ensures even distribution of traffic for optimal performance and high availability.
Yes, Leaseweb offers a standard CNCF-compliant Kubernetes solution, allowing integration with popular Kubernetes tools, provided they can utilize the Kubernetes API functions.
No, the Kubernetes masters are under the management of Leaseweb. To ensure a reliable and well-maintained service, access to this level of infrastructure remains exclusive to Leaseweb. Customers do not have direct access to the Kubernetes master nodes.
Leaseweb manages and supports the Kubernetes version and provides support to the latest three versions. Additionally, you can easily request updates via Leaseweb support.
Leaseweb makes daily backups of the Kubernetes Control Plane and master nodes. You should back up application and data running on worker nodes and persistent storage. Learn more about supported backup options on our Knowledge Base.

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