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Within Leaseweb, we take pride in having an immense diversity of backgrounds, nationalities, ideas, and life experiences. We are open, accessible, informal, and easy-going, with a strong sense of community. We hire smart, creative, and passionate professionals who grow their careers with us.

From your interview, meeting your new team, to your whole employee experience, we have created a real family vibe to give everyone the feeling of a home away from home. Plenty of personal and professional growth opportunities paired with a friendly culture will make you want to stay and work with us.

Fun & Pride

We are known for our spectacular Summer parties and legendary Christmas parties. Everyone can find an event that's according to their likings, such as our Dam tot Dam loop, Hackathons, LAN Party, Spring lunches, Master Chef Leaseweb events, and many more. Feel free to join our Fun & Pride team to keep the list growing!


Cultural Awareness

With over 50 nationalities within Leaseweb, our international branches, and customers worldwide, cultural awareness is crucial to us at Leaseweb. Our Cultural Awareness program explores how culture shapes our actions and behaviors. Learning from each other's cultural backgrounds enhances our knowledge, communications, and collaboration.

Coding our Culture

We recognize that the best way to create an open and vibrant company culture is from the ground up. That is why our seven core values originate from the experience and insight of our whole global team.

Through a series of surveys, workshops, and ongoing conversations, we agreed on the values that we all share and live by: