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Design your career

At Leaseweb, your success is our success. The career paths we developed will give you an overview of all possible career steps available within our global company to help you guide your development and reach future goals.

We have countless examples of team members who have experienced tremendous career growth within Leaseweb, whether they took the traditional path or forged a new way suited to their goals and talents.


Never stop learning

'Never stop learning' is one of our core values, and at Leaseweb, we strongly believe in goal setting and self-reflection. At Leaseweb, we offer you plenty of tools to achieve and succeed in your future goals and objectives.

The Leaseweb Academy

To help our team members grow, we developed the Leaseweb Academy, our online learning platform with educational programs, trainings, courses, seminars, congresses, and more.

For example, if you are interested in growing your tech skills, we offer free access to Pluralsight, an e-learning platform with a wide variety of technical courses available 24x7.


Develop Insights

Getting insights into your talents and abilities empowers you to develop your career at Leaseweb and beyond. To help you realize your strengths, we use different tooling to define your competencies and talents. With this information, you can grow your Leaseweb career.

Personal Development Plan

We work with Personal Development Plans to establish a direction for your career growth and enable you to take responsibility for your career path and goals. It transforms your aspirations into a tailor-made and actionable plan of action. The Personal Development Plan is the map that brings everything together and sets the path to your current and future success.