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Leaseweb is VMware By Broadcom Premier Partner

Leaseweb is proud to be a VMware by Broadcom Premier Partner, committed to delivering top-tier VMware Cloud validated solutions. Benefit from our comprehensive, reliable, and compatible cloud services backed by VMware's cutting-edge technology. 

Our VMware vCloud solution takes a simplified yet effective approach towards resource allocation, network security, and storage management, allowing you to easily scale and customize your infrastructure while maintaining full control over your costs.

How to Utilize Leaseweb’s VMware vCloud

Software Development and Testing

As a software development company, you can harness the power of our vCloud solution to create virtual development and testing environments. With the ability to swiftly provision virtual machines tailored to specific configurations, you and your team can enjoy seamless application testing and easily streamline your collaboration. The access management system, natively included in vCloud, allows you to grant access to your teams based on required privileges and functions. Thanks to the self-service capabilities of vCloud, you can also manage your environment with ease.

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Leaseweb VMware vCloud key features


Management UI

The vCloud Director tenant UI serves as the perfect tool for managing your virtual data center. The web-based UI gives you the ability to interact with and manage all your workloads via a graphical interface, allowing you to create virtual machines, group them into vApps, create networks and manage them, all within the VMware Cloud Director panel. Simple and easy.


Powered by VMware – managed by Leaseweb

VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, equipped to support your virtual resources with a cutting-edge roadmap. Leaseweb’s experts manage, patch and upgrade the underlying physical hardware, external network components, day-to-day data center operations and provide continuous support so you can focus on what truly matters — the core of your business.


Public and Private Connections

Public network connections are possible through vCloud’s Edge Gateway which provides routing to an external network and controls the north-south traffic. The Edge Gateway allows you to create routed networks and assignment of public IPs to resources within the virtual data center. It can also include services such as firewall, DHCP, NAT, routing, load balancer and VPNs.


Internal network

vCloud offers the ability to create isolated internal networks with private IP addresses, enabling local connectivity between VMs within the same virtual data center. This means you can properly isolate sensitive workloads, such as your database services from operations focused on user engagement, or those directly exposed to users. This separation is achieved by situating them on distinct internal networks, ensuring enhanced security and isolation.


vApp Templates and Rapid Provisioning

With vApp templates, you can create pre-configured bundles of virtual machines and applications, streamlining the process of deploying new environments. This feature gives you the benefit of accelerating the time-to-market for applications, by enabling rapid provisioning and reducing manual configuration efforts.


Firewall and Advanced Load Balancer

Leaseweb VMware vCloud customers are offered, by default, a Firewall and Load Balancer both configured to guarantee high availability. These are included in the monthly pricing and can be upgraded whenever you need.

VMware vCloud Director

Manage your own virtual data center with the most reliable technology.


Operating Systems

Leaseweb VMware vCloud customers are supplied with several Virtual Machine templates and ISOs based on commonly used operating system distributions (Linux and Windows) to get started. These templates are updated periodically and can be found within the VMware vCloud public catalog.

You also have the flexibility to create your own private catalog, giving you full flexibility to customize your own templates and ISOs or apply specific detailed tuning/patching.


Microsoft products are licensed according to the Microsoft licensing programs. Leaseweb provides commonly used Microsoft software covered under SPLA (Service Provider License Program). These licenses are available for consumption as required.


As a customer of Leaseweb VMware vCloud, you can back up Virtual Machines as an add-on feature on vCloud. Our backup feature, which supports backup scheduling and backup restore, is self-service and powered by Veeam technologies. You can define your own backup policies, retention periods and restore virtual machines as needed via a friendly web interface. We take care of the setup and maintenance of the backup platform and its integration with the VMware stack whilst giving you the freedom to configure and manage your backups exactly how you like them.

Disaster Recovery

This service is available as an optional add-on feature on VMware vCloud. With this feature, you can rest assured that your business continues in case of interruptions (downtime) caused by human errors or disasters (like ransomware attacks or data center outages).

Our DR solution is powered by Zerto, which is the leading provider in enterprise disaster recovery and IT resilience management technology. We maintain the replication software by monitoring, patching and updating all components so it is always up and running. As a customer, you have the freedom to configure and choose the Virtual Machines you wish to protect.

Why Leaseweb’s VMware vCloud The Best Choice

Transparent Pricing

As a Leaseweb customer, you won’t have to worry about losing control over operational expenses with hidden or uncontrollable billing items. Our VMware vCloud solution has transparent billing and predictable pricing models with no surprises at the end of the month.

Leaseweb Transparent Pricing

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Getting started with vCloud

Leaseweb VMware vCloud vs. VMware vSphere

Leaseweb VMware vCloud vs. VMware vSphere: Which Is Right for Your Business?

VMware Private Cloud

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Product Sheet

Leaseweb VMware vCloud

A simpler way to set up a VMware powered cloud.


Frequently Asked Questions

vSphere is a single-tenant deployment in which a Leaseweb customer has dedicated private cloud resources exclusive to them, providing enhanced security and customization options, but it has a relatively higher price point for smaller setups. vCloud is our multi-tenant offering with which multiple virtual data centers are provisioned on the same cloud platform, hence offering cost-effectiveness.
In VMware vCloud Director, templates are preconfigured virtual machine images that serve as the basis for creating new virtual machines. Templates allow you to quickly deploy standardized virtual machines with preinstalled operating systems, software configurations, and applications.
Leaseweb vCloud is designed to provide full SSD storage systems for high performance workloads as well as SATA storage for low demanding tasks, such as backup or private template catalogs.
vCloud’s NSX edge-gateway feature includes a site-to-site IPsec VPN solution that allows you to connect from an external environment. SSL VPN connections for remote users are also possible.
You can migrate virtual machines and supported workloads by exporting them as OVF files from your existing VMware environment and importing them into your vCloud data center on Leaseweb.
You can upgrade and downgrade the amount of resources in your vCloud tenant by contacting our sales team.

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