High performance

High scalability

High reliability


How we meet Big Data needs


The performance your data needs.

Build the server you want with our fully-customizable dedicated server solutions. RAM, SSD, hard drives, network uplinks… it’s entirely up to you. And as processing power is uniquely dedicated to you, there are no noisy neighbors to contend with or hypervisors to slow you down.

Where speed is of the essence.

Our network is one of the largest in the world, delivering a staggering 99.999% uptime and 5.5 Tbps bandwidth capacity. With fully redundant architecture via state of the art data centers across the globe, you can count on uncompromising reliability and availability.

Save money by scaling as you need.

You can deploy new bare metal servers as you need them – all from the comfort of your chair through our customized API. And because it’s so easy to scale up and down, you’ll only be paying for what you need.

Relax. Your data's in safe hands.

Security is our top priority. Across our ISO certified hyper-connected data centers in Europe, USA and Asia, every element – from power density and redundancy to capacity and accessibility – has been designed to guarantee security, resiliency, and efficiency.

Big Data Solutions

Big Data Configuration S
  • Ideal start up scenario
  • Totally cloud based solution
  • Cost effective entry level solution
  • Easy to manage with no physical hardware to worry about
Big Data Configuration M
As before plus:
  • Full cloud + Bare Metal hybrid solution
  • HADOOP clusters built using our Bare Metal Servers
  • Multiple HADOOP data nodes can be deployed and interconnected using Private Networking
  • Job tracker servers and map reducer servers in Cloud for easy scaling
  • Reporting server (or multiple ones) extract processed data in the format you need
  • Redundant firewalls and load balancers
  • Private networking for easy movement of data
  • Cloud solutions provide high scalability
  • Data traffic not charged on private network makes cost efficiencies
  • Fast processing
  • Quick scale up/down in the cloud
Big Data Configuration L
As before plus:
  • Entire racks or suites of servers
  • Process immense amounts of data