If you are looking for a hosting provider with the best performance and over two decades of experience but come from an industry that doesn’t necessarily fit within any of the listed categories, we’ve got you covered! Leading companies worldwide have trusted us and our high-performing infrastructure solutions and global network to keep their business growing securely and reliably.

Security, compliance, and support

We offer extensive software and hardware-based security and 24/7 security and abuse-related support services. Additionally, our global data centers comply with crucial and stringent standards, such as ISO 27001, SOC type 1, HIPAA and PCI DSS and we are fully GDPR compliant.

Flexible Solutions

With a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from VPS and dedicated servers to fully customized private cloud solutions, we offer you the flexibility to quickly scale your infrastructure to meet the changing demands of your business. This lets you easily grow to meet customer demands while keeping down costs and increasing your bottom line.

Great Price to Performance Ratio

The need to continually invest in new technology along with ever-shifting market demands mean that on-premise hosting can quickly become a significant financial burden for most companies. Our global cloud hosting solutions remove the weight of capital expenditures, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and ensuring that you always have the latest technology, freeing you to invest in growing your business.

Products and Services

Dedicated Servers

Raw power of your own that makes even the most processor-intensive workloads fly. Our dedicated servers come in two options: preconfigured with instant delivery, or fully customizable.

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Scalable virtualized solutions that can grow as fast as you do. From hosting a website to large scale enterprise applications, we have a cloud hosting solution for any workload or requirement.

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Other industries

  • Cloud Hosting solution - Leaseweb - Copan

    Leaseweb made it the top choice to tackle various challenges, ranging from web hosting to media delivery and running special applications in a fast and secure hybrid vCloud environment.”

    • Other industries
    • VMware vCloud
  • International Paralympics Committee

    "Leaseweb designed an infrastructure solution, which required careful management and planning to provide scalability when required, without risking any downtime."

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    • Dedicated Server
  • "The platform is reliable, and the maintenance and advice that Leaseweb provides is hugely important; it allows our staff to focus on our primary business, instead of the hardware."

    • Other industries
    • Dedicated Server
    • Private Cloud
    • VMware vSphere Private Cloud