Reseller Program

Become a Leaseweb Reseller and enjoy benefits such as discounts, marketing materials, and support services to grow your business and manage growing customer demand.

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The Leaseweb Reseller Program aims at creating more growth opportunities for you by offering attractive discounts on all our products. Here you can discover the key benefits of the program that’s provided to encourage you to expand your infrastructure and customer base.

Per this legal announcement of January 1, 2022, the Leaseweb Reseller Terms and Conditions have been amended per version January 1, 2022 for the benefit of the Reseller(s) including additional discounts. Please see here for more information.

Program Benefits


Higher the revenue, higher the discounts! Depending on your total Monthly Recurring Fees (MRF) or an equal amount in local currency, you can receive discounts up to 30% on your monthly fee. 

There are six different tiers in this program - and each tier has its own benefits. Your total MRF, calculated on the first day of each quarter, will determine your tier for that quarter.

By making the calculation every quarter, we give you the opportunity to increase your total MRF so that you receive the benefits of a higher tier. In the next quarter, if you move to a different tier, your new tier benefits will apply on any new service you order in that quarter.

*These discounts do not apply to third-party products and services.

TierTotal Monthly Recurring FEEMonthly Fee Discount
Tier 1€500-1,9995%
Tier 2€2,000-4,99910%
Tier 3€5,000-9,99915%
Tier 4€10,000-19,99920%
Tier 5€20,000-39,99925%
Tier 6€40,000+30%


As our reseller, you benefit from special promotions. Also, with the help of case studies, and PR activities, we provide you better insight into our products and services, helping you to sell quickly.

Description of benefits:

  • PR/case study - We can join forces to organize PR activities, such as: a press release or a case study based on your customers' success stories.
  • Reseller branding - You may use the Leaseweb logo in accordance with our brand guidelines after written consent.
PR/Case study
Reseller Branding


Our support benefits include personal assistance, detailed instructions on using our products, services,  and more.

Description of benefits:

  • Dedicated Account Manager - An assigned Leaseweb Account Manager acts as the reseller's principal contact, conducts business planning with the partner, provides account specific opportunities, and helps them take full advantage of the program.
  • Knowledge Base -The Knowledge Base is an extensive platform that contains detailed information and instructions about managing your products and services, including FAQs.
  • Service Level Agreement - The Service Level Agreement (SLA) adds an additional level of support and service to your servers. Depending on your SLA, you can get free phone support, faster response time, hardware replacement, and other benefits. Your SLA is determined by your tier. For more information about SLAs, please see our Knowledge Base article.
Dedicated Account Manager
Knowledge Base
Service Level AgreementBronzeBronzeSilver*Silver*Gold*Gold*

* Tier 3-6 Resellers, who place orders in Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan, receive the Bronze SLA

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible to be part of the Leaseweb Reseller Program if you meet the following requirements:

  • Have a total Monthly Recurring Fees (MRF) of at least €500 or an equal amount in local currency.
  • Have a verifiable business website, company email, business name, phone number, and address.
  • Promptly resolve SPAM, copyright, and abuse reports of your End Users, and any other violations of the Leaseweb Sales Contract.
  • Being able to provide first-line support to your end-users.
  • Resell Leaseweb's hosting services under your company's name, (white label hosting) and invoice your end-users.

Join Leaseweb's Reseller Program

Become a reseller to receive additional benefits to help you differentiate your business and support your customers' growing demand.

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