Testing your new app is a vital part of the development process but it can be a hassle to set up servers – and costly too. Better to go virtual and “pay as you go”. Carrying out your testing and development in the cloud saves money because you only pay for what you need. Bolt on bare metal to handle heavy workloads.

High performance

High scalability

High reliability

How we meet Testing and Development needs


It's here for as long as you need it.

The virtual cloud is great for testing and development. First, you set up a virtual server to your exact specification. Size, speed, OS… the choice is yours. Then, you run your tests for as long as you like and once you’re done you can delete the lot. You only pay for the time you need.

Go dedicated for higher performance and security.

Some workloads perform better on dedicated servers than they do in the cloud. We can set up a dedicated server just the way you want it, and give you sole access to do as you please.

Or mix and match to get the best of both.

Every program is different. Perhaps a hybrid approach – where you combine elements of virtual and the raw power of physical – is what you really need. You say the word – we’ll set it up for you.

Uncompromised quality and reliability for accurate test results, every time.

Our network is one of the largest in the world, and delivers a staggering 99.999% uptime. With massive bandwidth capacity, fully redundant architecture and state of the art data centers, you can count on us to deliver uncompromising resiliency and high availability.

Test & Development Solutions

Testing configuration S
  • Cloud servers
  • Software based firewall and load balancers
  • Connect your office with secure VPN
  • Flexibility to spin up new instances as and when needed
  • Highly scalable
  • Cost effective: use just the processing power you need
Testing configuration M
As before plus:
  • Cloud network segmentation between test and development servers
  • VPN links customer premises to testers/developers’ platform – a secure entrance to your test & development environment
  • Multiple VLANs create a realistic production environment
  • Quickly scale up and down on test and development servers when needed
  • Create a secure VPN between your premises and your testers/developers who can work from anywhere in the world
Testing configuration L
As before plus:
  • Combine Private Cloud and Bare Metal servers
  • Create production-like environment in your datacenter
  • Hardware based load balancer and firewalls
  • An optimum testing solution combining scale, capacity and flexibility