Corporate and Social Responsibility

As a global company, we are incredibly aware of the impact we can make and so we build corporate social responsibility into every element of our business. Whether in terms of sustainability, standards or how we help others, we make sure our impact on the world is a positive one.


The data centers that power all of our products and services are designed to use as little energy as possible. We never stop looking, however, for new ways to make further efficiencies.

On a more local scale we're also committed to:

  • Only using energy efficient lighting at all of our premises worldwide
  • Recycling all paper, cartridges, mobile phones and other electronics
  • Investing in an energy efficient fleet of vehicles
  • Incentivizing staff to come to work by eco-friendly means like bike


We are committed to partnering with various charities and we encourage our staff to suggest new organizations that could benefit from our help. As a leading hosting provider we also recognize our responsibility to keep the internet a safe place. That’s why we work with many non-profit organizations and partners who monitor and help regulate online content as part of our Community Outreach Program.

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