28/03/2018 - Recorded

GDPR Readiness Webinar

GDPR will create panic - Is your organization prepared? Co-hosted by Zenedge

08/03/2017 - Recorded

Security: Don't gamble with your security

Learn more about DDoS attacks, the dangers for the gambling/gaming industry and how you can prevent attacks

06/03/2017 - Recorded

Migrate your Infrastructure

Learn how you can easily and quickly migrate your website and infrastructure during our demo with WSM

07/02/2017 - Recorded

Security: Hunting Down Hackers

Learn how you can protect yourself from cyber attacks with our hacking demo in collaboration with Northwave

08/12/2016 - Recorded

Cybersecurity: The nightmare before Christmas

Do you want to know how you can protect your holiday sale from DDoS and web application attacks?

27/10/2016 - Recorded

Experience a DDoS attack and mitigation

Discover how you can use our cloud platform to beat DDoS attacks, which are becoming more and more frequent and costly

21/04/2016 - Recorded

Grow Your Business with Cloud

Learn how cloud solutions encourage growth for businesses and how it accelerated business for the service management specialists at TOPdesk

 27/10/2015 - Recorded

How to Secure your Website from Cyber Attacks 

Be aware of cyberattacks and learn how you can protect yourself with WAF and anti-DDoS solutions

 18/6/2014 - Recorded

Bare Metal Servers - Benefits and Advantages (German) 

Learn what a Bare Metal Server is and how Leaseweb can help your organization achieve its goals