When joining a company that operates internationally it's important to find a workplace where you feel welcome and can contribute with your best work. That's why our recruitment team will make you feel at home from the very first moment. Our goal is to help people succeed in what they are good at, and create a highly engaged community within all our offices around the world.

HR Coordinator & Office Manager

Hi, my name is Lori Partida and I’ve been with Leaseweb USA since 2016 as a HR Coordinator & Office Manager. I’m responsible for a variety of duties including recruitment, office management and company travel. I also run the Phoenix Fun and Pride team, as well at the Wellness committee, there is never a shortage of interesting activities.

Leaseweb has many great opportunities to grow professionally and expand your job skills. If you would like to know more about any of our openings, please let me know.

Talent Acquisition Lead

Hi! I'm Barbara, I joined the Leaseweb recruitment team as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. I have a solid experience in the recruitment industry with focus on technology roles. Within Leaseweb I'm responsible for all engineering vacancies including CDN, Security and Software Development.

My mission at Leaseweb is to identify and track down talented engineers to join our team. Mission impossible? Let's have a chat about the growth opportunities that Leaseweb can offer you and you'll be surprised!

If you are interested in any of our openings please don’t hesitate to contact me or one of my colleagues!

Human Resources Manager

Hello there, I am Heidi Zhang, Human Resources Manager for Leaseweb Singapore. I assist managers in defining and selecting employee and candidate talent by having profiles aligned with the organizational direction, through promotion, internal mobility, or external search. I also head the onboarding of new employee’s and assist with anything to help them get settled.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, or even have a few general questions, please get in touch. I am always happy to help!

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Hi, my name is Jana and I joined the Leaseweb team as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. I just moved to the Netherlands from Germany where my past experience has been in recruiting and HR marketing within the software industry.

What made me join Leaseweb is, among other things, the great atmosphere and team spirit. Besides I enjoy working with my colleagues from over 35 different countries.

Now I want to help you in finding your ideal job within Leaseweb as well.

If you have any questions about our openings, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of my colleagues!

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Hello, I'm Tabea, a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Leaseweb. Originally from Germany, I have lived in both Ireland and the Netherlands for more than ten years. I have a passion for technology and enjoy connecting with new talent to join our team in the data center in Haarlem or at Leaseweb's HQ in Amsterdam. If you have any questions about career opportunities or want to know more about life at Leaseweb, please get in touch.

HR Advisor

Hi, my name is Valeria Goldberg, and I am an HR Advisor for Leaseweb Deutschland. I´m originally from Argentina but have been living in Germany for a long time. At Leaseweb, I take care of our recruiting. Once you have joined the team, I´ll be responsible for your onboarding, training, arranging your documents and handling any other concerns you might have.

I´m looking forward to getting in touch with you, and if you have any questions regarding our vacancies, I am always happy to answer them!