Our next-generation CDN delivers lightning-fast performance

Built from scratch, the LeaseWeb CDN combines our hardware and network optimization expertise with a strong focus on lowering costs. It’s the CDN created by smart IT professionals for smart IT professionals.

Pay-as-you-go CDN

Are you after an instant website performance improvement, with no long-term commitment and a flexible monthly TB capacity?

Enterprise CDN services

Need more bandwidth? We can create a tailored contract-based CDN service that’s unique to your needs and saves you money.

Our globally-distributed, high-performance SuperPoPs are connected to a state-of-the-art network. 

In fact, very few other content delivery networks can match the quality of our set up. These SuperPoPs dynamically pull and cache your content, then store it on one of many edge nodes for lightning-fast delivery the moment a user requests it. 

  • Video and large objects

    Our HTTP Large Object Platform optimizes delivery throughput for larger assets (>1MB) such as live or on-demand video, high-res images, audio content, online games and software downloads or updates. This fully SSD based platform supports data delivery by file or even by chunk

  • Static content and small objects

    Our HTTP Small Object Platform is ideal for website content such as ad banners, e-commerce and photo sharing apps. Assets are served straight from RAM which reduces the time spent on disk transactions when a customer views your web pages. Our advanced anycast DNS is key to ensuring great performance at the lowest cost.

  • Security and content protection included for free

    Control costs and prevent content theft with built-in smart anti-hotlink protection. SSL certificates installation is included for free and there is no extra-cost for HTTPS traffic.

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