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Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

The client

Nice People At Work (NPAW) is a Spanish company that provides media streaming tools for premium content owners, broadcasters, and Telco’s, including Channel 5UK, Wuaki.tv, Antena 3TV, Nubeox, and Gol Television. NAPW has developed the YOUBORA video suite, which provides tools for optimizing video QoS and user engagement, including real-time monitoring, analytics, and multi-CDN switching, as well as content preparation services including multi-DRM (licensing and packaging) and premium encoding.

The Request

NPAW wanted to expand its Software as a Service (SaaS) business by consolidating its infrastructure with a global pure-play IaaS provider. In order to achieve this, NPAW needed a true hybrid environment that always delivers the best—and right mix—of all technologies.

NPAWs requirements included multiple high-performance dedicated servers to handle intensive I/O workloads, private cloud for scalable, pay-as-you-go compute capacity, and a content delivery network that helped deliver accelerated dynamic /static content to end-users.

"Leaseweb is very fast at implementing solutions, which is exactly what we needed. I was also pleasantly surprised by their flexibility during contract negotiations."

Gonzalo de la Vega

The Solution

NPAW were already utilizing Leaseweb for a small portion of its infrastructure. However, to meet its requirements exactly, Leaseweb designed a complex hybrid solution that utilized various components of its world-class infrastructure. This lets NPAW easily manage a complex architecture that takes care of a variety of tasks.

NPAW needed customized hardware with Enterprise SSDs and powerful CPUs to run its demanding database applications optimally. Therefore, Leaseweb upgraded NPAWs dedicated servers from a private 46u rack to two full private racks that contain the latest HP hexa-core and octa-core machines. This upgrade prevents exhaustive workloads from disrupting NPAWs applications.

NPAW wanted a cloud platform that could power its premium encoding service. This service uses complicated algorithms that require significant processing resources in order to work optimally—so the solution had to have powerful CPUs. The Leaseweb Private Cloud powered by Apache CloudStack was a perfect fit. If NPAW want 100 instances to transcode content, they can easily scale up, or down, on-demand. This private cloud also exclusively utilizes high-performance CPUs. This ensures NPAW have the requisite CPU power to run its complicated algorithms in the optimum way.

This private cloud combined with dedicated bare-metal gives NPAW the best of both worlds, and by utilizing a state-of-the-art network, NPAW only have a few milliseconds of latency between each environment.

On top of this, NPAW also utilize the Leaseweb CDN, which in combination with the Leaseweb network, offers live and on-demand video streaming in superb high definition. The Leaseweb CDN features the latest streaming protocols and includes access to ultramodern SuperPoPs. Strategically located in Asia, Europe, and the U.S., each SuperPoP utilizes Enterprise SSDs to enable dynamic video caching. This reduces video buffering and delays—ensuring end-users receive the optimal viewing experience.

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