Elastic Compute Packages

Choose the right resource pool and billing model for your workloads.

Elastic Compute

Competitive pricing with excellent computing performance.

Elastic Compute Premium

Designed for workloads requiring the best possible performance with dedicated hyperthreads.

Elevate your business in a highly scalable and secure cloud environment supported by cloud professionals. Elastic Compute is an easy-to-use solution that empowers you to quickly spin your cloud compute resources without huge investments and waiting times. Enjoy the flexibility of creating instances that match your needs through our friendly web UI and native API and overcome unpredictable peaks of workloads with our bursting feature. It's time to take your business to the clouds with Elastic Compute.

Elastic Compute

  • Reliable, high-performing, and competitively priced on-demand cloud compute solution.
  • Ideal hybrid cloud solution for rapid scalability and robust network security.

Elastic Compute Premium

  • Dedicated power to maximize performance of high demanding workloads along with flexibility to easily allocate your resources.
  • Pay-per-use open-source cloud for fast deployment of applications hosted in superb data centers, connected to a premium global network.

Select Your Resource Pool

Choose the right resource pool for your workloads. Elastic Compute Premium is ideal for workloads requiring the best possible performance, while Elastic Compute is a cost-efficient solution with excellent computing performance.

Powered by CloudStack

An open-source favorite, CloudStack is packed with features and functionality. The platform is also highly customizable, providing tech-savvy customers a high-performing cloud at an attractive price.

First-Class Level Architecture

Leaseweb architecture facilitates excellent performance for every business application, including hardware and software redundancy at all levels. Our solutions have comprehensive service level agreements by contract.

Flexible Billing Options

Choose a billing model suitable to your needs. Pay by the hour with on-demand resources or use bursting to reserve a resource pool and scale your resources up and down on an hourly basis.

Transparent Pricing

Don’t lose control over operational expenses with hidden or uncontrollable billing items. Elastic Compute has transparent billing and a predictable pricing model with no surprises at the end of the month.

A Virtual Data Center You Control

elastic compute

Extensive Networking and Connectivity

Gain access to Leaseweb’s global network and content solutions, with firewalling and load balancers powered by CloudStack.

Hybrid Cloud Options

Connect dedicated servers to your Elastic Compute through our private networking feature to create a cost-efficient hybrid cloud environment.

High Performing SSD Storage

Use as a primary disk for VMs and small databases with high IOPS and low latency.

Ideal for Usage in:

Business applications

Business Applications


Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS)

high traffic

High Traffic Web Servers


E-Commerce Websites


AdTech and MarTech Solutions


Integration with Other Tools

Featured Elastic Compute Customers

  • Leaseweb Cloud  and Dedicated server solutions - Adcash

    Technical support Leaseweb provided was the standout factor that assured us we made the right decision.

    • MarTech
    • AdTech
    • Elastic Compute
    • Virtual Private Server
    • VMware vCloud
    • VMware vSphere Private Cloud
  • Nice People At Work

    "We chose to align ourselves with Leaseweb because of the sheer speed and potency of their next-generation CDN and scalability of their CloudStack-based private cloud."

    • MarTech
    • AdTech
    • CDN
    • Dedicated Server
    • Elastic Compute
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Private Cloud
  • Speakap

    "We were able to easily scale the number of Speakap users over the years because of Leaseweb.”

    • SaaS
    • Dedicated Server
    • Elastic Compute
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Network
    • Private Cloud
  • "Leaseweb provides all technical competencies alongside the high performance and flexibility that you can usually only get from hyperscalers."

    • MarTech
    • AdTech
    • Dedicated Server
    • Elastic Compute
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Network
    • Private Cloud


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