Servers & Colocation


Learn more about our Colocation services with flexible power and bandwidth options.

Dedicated Server

General summary of the Dedicated Server product. Outlines specifications and benefits.


Public Cloud

Powerful performance without painful price tags.

Elastic Compute

Find out what Leaseweb Elastic Compute can do for your business, and read about its product specifications.

Leaseweb VMware vCloud

A simpler way to set up a VMware powered cloud.

Leaseweb VMware vSphere

All the specifications you need to know about our VMware solutions and what it could do for your business.

Virtual Private Server

Leaseweb virtual private servers provide reliability and high performance without the hassle of managing physical server hardware.

Object Storage

Reliable S3 compatible object storage where you can securely grow and access your data.

Cyber Security


Read more about our Cybersecurity offering and how it can help you prevent cyber attacks.

DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service

Learn more about how our DR solution will help you to ensure business continuity.

Content Delivery Network

Leaseweb CDN - Video

See how we can drastically accelerate delivery of large assets.

Multi-CDN (EN)

More info about the Multi-CDN product. Outlines the specs, pricing and benefits.

Multi-CDN (FR)

En savoir plus sur le produit CDN multiple. Présentation des caractéristiques, tarifs et avantages.


Data Centers

Product Sheet

Customer Portal

Product Sheet