Our Management Team

The Leaseweb management team is made up of leading experts in the field who are bound together by the shared desire to create a company that treats its customers as partners, continually working to find innovative, reliable, and fully customizable solutions for their unique business needs. Get to know our team and their visions for the industry.


Our Global Management Team


Con Zwinkels   Chief Executive Officer

Con Zwinkels

I am Con Zwinkels, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leaseweb. Since the company was founded in 1997, I have worked together with the management teams to define the overarching strategic direction for the company. As a founder, I am very proud of Leaseweb’s growth, prosperity, and innovation as well as our ability to not simply meet our customers’ expectations but to work closely with them to create both the best possible products and real long term relationships. Having been active in the industry since 1997, I am both passionate about and have deep familiarity with all aspects of the cloud hosting and data center sector.

Prior to my time with Leaseweb, I studied Law at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, and my deep passion for aviation led me to obtain an ATPL pilot license. I have flown as a captain on Boeing 747’s for 14 years. Outside the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife, two daughters, and very friendly dog, as well as sailing, mountain biking, and tennis.

Pieter Dijkhuis   Chief Financial Officer
Svenja de Vos   Chief Technology Officer
Alexander Kalkman   Chief Marketing Officer
Walter van de Waterbeemd   Chief Human Resources Officer
Arno Witvliet   Chief Sales Officer
Marilou van Doorn   Chief Operations Officer



Regional Management Team - The Netherlands


Arno Witvliet   Managing Director

Arno Witvliet

I am Arno Witvliet, the Chief Sales Officer of Leaseweb since 2016. In this position, I oversee all commercial operations of Leaseweb worldwide with a clear focus on achieving the overall topline objectives of the company.

Prior to Leaseweb, I served UNIT4 as SVP & Global Transformation Officer leading the transformation of the worldwide sales organization. Earlier in my career I have been in senior leadership positions with Atos as the SVP Global Sales & Marketing, for Canopy Cloud and OpenText/Cordys as the VP & General Manager for Continental Europe.

I hold a master’s degree in business economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Martijn Bethlehem   Finance Director
Julia Gortinskaya   Regional Sales Manager
Gerben Sloot   Team Manager Inside Sales



Regional Management Team - United States


Lex Boost   Chief Executive Officer

Lex Boost

I am Lex Boost, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Leaseweb USA. Together with my team, I am responsible for the development and execution of Leaseweb’s core vision and strategy across the United States. I enjoy the challenge of working continuously to expand Leaseweb’s global presence and to strengthen our customer connections by increasing the number of our data center locations. I love to explore innovative ways of working that would enhance our customer experience.

With over 20 years’ experience in the digital industry, I have gained leadership experience from a broad range of organizations and cultures, including both B2B and B2C markets, in startups, as well as large corporations. In previous roles, I have worked as the CEO of one of the largest dating websites in the Netherlands, owned by the European TV giant RTL - Bertelsmann. Prior to that, I was Head of Digital for PaperlinX, one of the world’s largest communication materials merchant, with over $6 Billion in revenues and over 6000 people worldwide. I also have extensive experience managing start up companies from 1997 to 2012, in the SaaS and Mobile application space.

I studied at Delta University in Utrecht (Faculty of Business Economics) where I earned a BA in Business Economics. Since then, I’ve followed a number of different courses, and most recently, an executive course at Nyenrode Business University. When not working, I enjoy classic cars (also racing them), traveling, attending live concerts, and playing tennis.

Chris Dorcsis   Finance Director
Meg Riat   Human Resources Director
Bart Dries   Operations Director
Richard Copeland   Sales Director



Regional Management Team - Germany


Marcus Busch   Managing Director

Marcus Busch

I am Marcus Busch, Managing Director of Leaseweb Deutschland GmbH. I am responsible for the general management and operations of Leaseweb in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). This embraces focusing on customer relationships, ensuring the quality of service and accelerating growth, both locally and internationally. I joined Leaseweb in 2019, having spent more than 20 years working in global Telco/Digital Business including companies like Verizon, T-Systems, and Media Broadcast.

I pursued my studies in Economics at the University of Essen where I graduated in 1994. When not working or out with the dog, I enjoy road trips with one of my classic motorcycles, attending live concerts and playing tennis.

Thomas Kirchler Operations Manager
Robert Zilliger   Sales Manager
Brigitte Raab   Team Manager of Operations



Regional Management Team - Singapore


Benjamin Schönfeld   Managing Director

Benjamin Schoenfeld

I am Benjamin Schönfeld, Managing Director of Leaseweb Asia Pacific. I am responsible for the general management and operations of the Singapore office, taking the company’s global vision and translating it into a local identity for the Asia-Pacific region. Involved in all aspects of the business, I work to ensure both local growth and the global success of the company. Having served in a number of different positions within Leaseweb, I know the company inside out, something that helps me understand and meet the needs of our partners.

Over the course of my career, and especially during my time in the German army, I have learned to be disciplined, focused, and goal oriented, lessons that I apply to daily business to increase efficiency, coordination, and ultimately to create the greatest benefit for our customers. Prior to beginning my career, I studied economics and management at the Fachakademie der Wirtschaft in Bielefeld. When not in the office, I’m active in politics and spend time volunteering.



Regional Management Team - UK


Eltjo Hofstee   Managing Director

Eltjo Hofstee

I am Eltjo Hofstee, Managing Director at Leaseweb UK Ltd. I am responsible for the general management in the UK. We offer solutions to Leaseweb customers and prospects, build and maintain relationships, and improve overall customer satisfaction by closely listening to customers’ needs and understanding their goals and priorities.

I joined Leaseweb in 2011, starting as a Senior Account Manager. Prior to my time with Leaseweb I worked for a number of companies in the hosting and media industry, and as a CRM (strategy) consultant.

I pursued my studies at Leiden University where I obtained a Master’s degree in public administration. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and love all outdoor sports like rowing, mountain biking, skiing, but most of the time I only have time for running.


Leaseweb Network Management Team


Bart van der Sloot   Managing Director

Bart van der Sloot

I am Bart van der Sloot, Managing Director of Leaseweb Network B.V. My team builds, manages and supports Leaseweb’s networks and internet traffic around the world and the networking products and services in Leaseweb’s portfolio. Since “server-to-eyeball” network performance has a big impact on the end-user experience of any Leaseweb hosted content or application, we are passionate about finding the fastest route through the Internet and minimizing packet loss – while maximizing uptime and protecting our customers against cybercrime.

Prior to joining Leaseweb in 2014, I worked 14 years at Level 3 Communications, developing and managing sales teams across Europe (and serving Leaseweb as a customer since 2007). Before Level 3, I spent 11 years at Philips Electronics in various product management and marketing functions and building a Professional Services business around Philips’ business telephone systems and call centre products.

I joined Leaseweb because I was attracted to its entrepreneurial spirit, to its culture to empower people, and to the talents and teamwork I perceived when Leaseweb was my customer – and so far, all of that has proved true. In December 2016, I was elected to the Executive Board of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) where I fulfil the role of Treasurer.

I graduated in 1988 and hold a Master’s degree in Telecommunications from the Technical University Delft. When not working, I try to find the right balance between consuming calories (by cooking and enjoying food) and burning them (by running and cycling), preferably with family or friends.