VMware vCloud Private Cloud

Use the proven power of VMware technology to capitalize on virtualization benefits like elasticity, ease of use and scalability.

VMware vCloud Private Cloud

Starting from
€1485 / month
€889 / month

Delivered to you ready to use, this Private Cloud gives you the freedom to scale and customize your virtual infrastructure exactly as your require. Our vCloud Resource pool lets you create and manage multiple vApps and instances with your choice of operating system and gives you total flexibility in allocating resources such as dedicated cores, RAM, storage, firewalls, VPN and load balancers. Resource pools also mean you can create and manage multiple virtual networks within your cloud environment. They also give you access to our fully redundant high performance Full Flash storage platform.

The product contains an extensive set of features including flexible compute allocation, virtual networking, user and account management, the standard VMware vCloud API and a rich user interface. You can also increase the security and scalability of your environment by adding software-based firewalls and load balancers and using a VPN to connect to your platform.

  • Extend workloads into the cloud with ease

    Use the secure and flexible vSphere platform to deploy a new infrastructure using ready-built vApps from the VMWare Solution Exchange or migrate your existing virtual machines into your private cloud. Easily move virtual machines and other business critical workloads between locations to ensure the highest possible service level.

  • Flexible resource orchestration

    Receive the flexibility to allocate and distribute resources among instances, such as dedicated cores, memory, and IPs, as you see fit. For example, increase the number CPUs allocated to an instance to speed up efficiency. While you can also integrate software-based firewalls and load balancers, in order to upgrade security and boost scalability.

  • Cutting-edge technology

    Receive access to an up-to-date solution based on the VMware vCloud suite, which meets the changing demands of the private cloud-computing market. LeaseWeb ensures the vCloud infrastructure is running the latest stable software versions without you worrying about updates.

  • Enterprise-class hardware

    LeaseWeb uses leading-brand servers from vendors such as Dell, HP and IBM. Using the latest hardware, designed for redundancy, ensures that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum in case of any failure.

  • State-of-the-art network

    The platform of these private clouds connect to the LeaseWeb Premium Network, which includes access to 29 IXs and 43 PoPs, provides a core uptime of 99.9999%, with an available bandwidth of 5.5 Tbps. While all resource pools feature multiple 10GE connections to different physical routers.

  • Redundant storage

    LeaseWeb uses high-end Full Flash storage systems to ensure the storage performance is in line with the rest of the Cloud platform. Users are free to add/remove virtual disk volumes, create templates from these virtual servers and vApps, upload and create ISOs, and take ad-hoc snapshots.

  • Virtual networking

    VMware vCloud gives you the possibility to build multiple virtual networks, independent of one another, which includes the selection of IP addresses, creation of subnets, load balancers, VPN and network gateways.

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