VMware vCloud

Sublimate your applications and make them grow into the cloud with Leaseweb vCloud. Create virtual environments and deploy virtual machines and applications with a few clicks, without long-term investments. Reserve the resources you need. Reach higher reliability and stability standards by hosting your core services into our data centers, with access to the most robust redundant infrastructure and network. Manage all in the complete and compellent VMware Cloud Director control panel.

VMware vCloud Resource Pools

Maximize performance and efficiency by choosing the right resource pools for your workloads.

VMware vCloud

Low overbooking between the physical layer and virtual resources. Competitively priced with excellent computing performance exceeding that of other highly overbooked clouds.

From €399.64

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VMware vCloud Premium

No overbooking between the physical layer and virtual resources. Designed to deliver the highest performance possible so you can enjoy all the resources, all to yourself.

From €649.90

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Select Your Resource Pool

Choose the right combination of resource pools for your workloads. VMware vCloud is a low-overbooked, cost-efficient solution ready to run the majority of your business applications, while VMware vCloud Premium has zero overbooking for workloads that require the best possible performance.

Powered by VMware, Managed by Leaseweb

VMware is the global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, equipped to support your virtual resources with a cutting-edge roadmap. Leaseweb’s experts manage, patch and upgrade the underlying platform so you can focus on your core business.

Public and Private Connections

Legacy systems and Leaseweb VMware platforms from other data centers can be easily interconnected using NSX technology. This also applies to high-availability architectures, backup, and disaster recovery services between our different cloud locations.

First-Class Level Architecture

Leaseweb architecture facilitates excellent performance for every business application, including hardware and software redundancy at all levels. Our solutions have comprehensive service level agreements by contract.

Transparent Pricing

Don’t lose control over operational expenses with hidden or uncontrollable pay-per-use items. VMware vCloud has transparent billing and a predictable pricing model with no surprises at the end of the month.

A Virtual Data Center You Control

Data Protection

Extensive Networking and Connectivity

Gain access to Leaseweb’s global network and content solutions. NSX powered firewalling and load balancers are provided in addition to three different network bandwidth consumption models.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Deploy virtual machines utilizing both VMware vCloud and VMware vCloud Premium resource pools. Different resource pools can be consumed in the same vCloud Tenant.

High Performing SSD Storage

High performing SSD disks provide the best performance. Alternatively, additional storage solutions are available for low-speed needs, such as backup or template catalogs.

Ideal for Usage in:

Business applications

Business Applications

Complex Arch

Complex Architectures


Microsoft-Based Workloads



Additional Add-Ons


Veeam Backup

This award-winning backup platform is integrated and maintained by Leaseweb in multiple locations. You define how many servers to protect and how much backup space you need.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Ensure business continuity in case of unplanned downtimes or ransomware attacks. You choose which virtual machines to protect and receive real-time replication on the application and data layer.


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Leaseweb VMware vCloud

A simpler way to set up a VMware powered cloud.