Dedicated Server (Bare Metal) Hosting Germany

Choose Leaseweb Germany to host your application and services in Frankfurt at FRA-01 , the facility which runs on 100% green power! As one of Europe’s leading FLAP Data Centers, you benefit from the strategic geographical location with excellent proximity to Central and Eastern Europe. FRA-01 provides four Tier-1 Carriers, numerous connectivity options to many IXs in Europe, including the DE-CIX, and is, therefore, an ideal location for your infrastructure.

Leaseweb Germany offers high-performing dedicated servers in a GDPR-compliant hosting environment. As an active GAIA-X member, we care about your data privacy and data sovereignty. By choosing our infrastructure services, you ensure all your digital projects are GDPR-compliant.

Benefit from our high-quality Service and Support, based in Frankfurt, which offers you 24/7 service in German and English and from our 25-years-experience on the market.

Our Products

We offer:

  • High Bandwidth Servers
  • GPU Servers
  • AMD Milan
  • Bare Metal Servers

You can easily customize and upgrade your server models or scale-up with additional servers to match your individual needs while benefiting from flexible monthly contracts.

In our unique stock we have instant delivery servers which can be delivered in minutes. In case you need more customized set-ups, you can customize the configuration of your server to meet your specific resource needs, such as RAM, disks, and bandwidth – and have full root access.

High Bandwidth

A reliable, high-performing network tailored to your infrastructure needs that seamlessly deliver content everywhere, every time.

Lightning fast port speed
Flexible bandwidth options
Uncompromising performance

From €139.91

Instant Delivery Servers

Get the raw power you need with our instantly available dedicated servers delivered in minutes.

Instantly available
Optimized price point
Favourable Configurations *

From €30.99

High Performance Servers

High workloads require high computing power. Resource-intensive applications are handled effortlessly with Leaseweb's dedicated high-performance servers.

Optimized Performance
High Availability
GPU Accelerated

From €115.95

AMD Servers

AMD EPYC™ Processors are in a class of their own, smashing world records and setting new standards for the modern data center.

Powerful Compute
Core-based workloads
Optimized memory

From €114.99

Advantages of Leaseweb Germany

Strong Performance in a Secure Environment

Our dedicated servers are housed in ISO certified Data centers that provide a safe environment for your infrastructure. Every element of our Data centers – including power density, redundancy, capacity, cooling, location and accessibility – has been carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality security, resiliency and efficiency.

Data Sovereign and GDPR Compliant

Our Data centers adhere completely to GDPR standards to provide the ultimate level of protection. Since we are headquartered in the EU, we operate independently of US law and therefore can claim true data sovereignty under EU law.

Personal Service and Support – Based in Frankfurt/Germany

By choosing Leaseweb Germany, customers get personalized service and support from an experienced and motivated local team based in Frankfurt/ Germany, in English and in German. Leaseweb Germany cares deeply about customer satisfaction and quick response rates.

100% Green Energy

We are proud that our data center facilities in Germany are 100% powered by green energy. We purchase green power from our data center partner, Iron Mountain, and are continuously improving our sustainability efforts.

Private and Secure Network – Powered By Leaseweb

Private Network from Leaseweb provides a private connection between your dedicated servers and Cloud environments without being connected to external networks or even the Internet. This type of connection is relatively easy to implement, secure and cost-effective. Leaseweb Private Networking between Private Cloud and dedicated servers allows customers to connect their Virtual Private Servers (e.g. Apache Virtual Private Servers) to standard dedicated servers on the private network instantly. This type of hybrid setup offers a private network segregated from the public network – which keeps all data safe and secure.

Low Latency Network: DE-CIX Connection

The Leaseweb Network is one of the largest and most reliable in the world. By choosing Leaseweb Germany, you also have access to 25 Internet Exchange peering points and 36 points of presence across Europe, Canada, the U.S. and Asia. The Leaseweb Network provides an impressive core uptime of 99.999% and 10 Tbps bandwidth capacity with our combination of private peering and global transit provider arrangements. Leaseweb Germany is connected to the world's leading Internet Exchange, DE-CIX, which makes our performance and high availability event more attractive.


Our free Monitoring add-on provides unprecedented insight into all areas of your infrastructure in a way that suits you. You can opt for fail-check notifications to avoid unexpected interruptions – allowing you to focus on growing your business. All dedicated server customers in the Netherlands, Germany, UK and US have access to this add-on.

Our Leaseweb Germany data centers network map

Germany data centers network

Our Leaseweb Germany data centers network map

Featured Dedicated Server Customers

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    "Going from 30 to 200 servers, from 200 clients to 2000: I can’t imagine how we could’ve done it without Leaseweb’s help."

    • MarTech
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    • Dedicated Server
  • Bidsopt

    “Leaseweb’s solution was more adaptable than AWS and provided us with that all-important backup and disaster recovery option, which is so vital to an organization. It also makes global expansion and growth an achievable reality."

    • AdTech
    • Dedicated Server
    • Network
  • Crytek

    "You feel like the customer value at Leaseweb is very high. Small problems can have a big impact on our games, so we need a partner like Leaseweb.”

    • Gaming
    • Dedicated Server
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Network
    • Private Cloud
  • Hardwell

    "I think Leaseweb is one of the only providers we know that is so open-minded to our ideas and even if we come up with something that looks really impossible, we always find a solution and just go for it.”

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