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Industries: AdTech

Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Singapore

Size: 50 - 100

Products in this case study: 

Dedicated Server


The Customer

Founded in Singapore in 2014, Bidsopt is a digital advertising network that provides security and durability for the global campaigns of their customers while guaranteeing a high level of performance. They build innovative advertisements and monetization solutions for advertisers and publishers.

The Challenge

Bidsopt experienced several years of sustained business growth. In 2018, the organization was looking to continue that success and develop further points of presence around the world. Bidsopt was also researching a way to provide extra support for their IT support team that was experiencing capacity issues in dealing with client queries and internal requests. At that time, Bidsopt was utilizing an Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution, which meant scaling or adding supplementary support resources, was too expensive. Bidsopt, therefore, needed an equally impressive and adept Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, but one that could offer better service and value for their investment.

Bidsopt’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) is used in-house and also licensed to clients as a highly scalable, enterprise-level SaaS solution. It connects advertisers and publishers in real-time and processes billions of advertising requests each month. Slow or intermittent performance is not an option for Bidsopt or its clients, who depend on Bidsopt for a highly professional and polished service. Any solution would require the very latest processing power and business continuity support.

The company also needed a more adaptable, flexible system configuration to roll out its DSP at the pace required by their business. As such, the new system would need to incorporate both a hybrid cloud environment and bare metal components. Finally, Bidsopt needed a hosting provider with the agility to rapidly scale up their infrastructure for large projects, and in a short amount of time.

The Solution

Bidsopt began working with Leaseweb in June 2018, following an analysis of offerings from other hosting companies, including provider AWS, as well as OVH and Google Cloud.

Leaseweb provided Bidsopt with 35 dedicated servers that can scale and provide a global infrastructure to grow with the organization. Hosted by Leaseweb, these servers drive Bidsopt’s business and ensure the DSP handles processor-intensive workloads at high speed and without system failures.

Leaseweb also provided Bidsopt with a dedicated support team to assist with server resource management and engineering issues. Additionally, Leaseweb supplied Bidsopt with disaster recovery as a service (DraaS) solution that utilized Bidsopt’s servers in the US and Singapore.

Key Requirements

  • Global infrastructure – the capacity to scale globally with multiple points of presence
  • Service – a dedicated support team that understands Bidsopt’s market and corporate culture
  • Value for money – a more competitive option than AWS
  • Flexibility – the capability to mix and match configurations with a hybrid cloud and bare metal environment
  • Agility – rapid deployment capabilities

Our solution

  • Cost savings – competitive pricing
  • Leaseweb Network – high-speed connections with traffic load balancing
  • Multiple data centers globally
  • Personal consultation and support service – assisting with provisioning, backup and advance server management requirements

“Leaseweb gave us a superb deal in terms of pricing and flexibility. High-powered dedicated servers, in combination with Leaseweb’s professional, knowledgeable, and timely support, make for a very competitive proposition."

Jomith George, Co–fondateur, Bidsopt

The Support

The Leaseweb and Bidsopt teams work together to maintain and host the servers. Leaseweb is always on hand to help with provisioning, backup, recovery, and other advanced server management requirements. This arrangement enables Bidsopt to focus on its core activities and allows its IT team to function more responsively and proactively.

Leaseweb’s support team also provides customized strategic services. The team ensures server resources are available as new DSP clients come on board, and as Bidsopt continues to grow its presence around the world.

The Outcome

Leaseweb’s dedicated servers enable Bidsopt to run its DSP at each office location. The servers also extend the platform as a SaaS option to its rapidly increasing client base. Thanks to Leaseweb, Bidsopt also enjoys improved server efficiency, faster processing speeds, flexibility, and the agility to grow its IT resources on demand. Additional servers or upgrades are delivered quickly, without the excessive costs involved with third-party cloud scalability. This efficiency enables Bidsopt to ramp up services without impacting operations.

Bidsopt now enjoys the benefits of high-speed processing, disaster recovery, and an integrated technical service team at a competitive price point that suits the organization’s business model. Leaseweb’s customer-focused approach sets a solid foundation for a long-term working relationship with Bidsopt, and the organization’s executives value Leaseweb as their sole IT solutions partner.

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