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Founded: 2005

Headquarters: International

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Dedicated Server


The Customer

Hardwell, is a Dutch electro house DJ, record producer and remixer from the Netherlands. Hardwell was voted the world's number one DJ on DJ Mag in 2013 and again in 2014. He was ranked at number four in the top 100 DJs 2017 poll by DJ Mag. Hardwell is best known for his sets at music festivals, including Ultra Music Festival, Sunburn and Tomorrowland.

In 2016 DJ Hardwell’s ‘Revealed Tour’ landed at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean his performance and pulsing dance beats energized the crowd. But what was even more amazing was the virtual audience you couldn’t see. More than 20,000 fans partied in 35 countries around the globe. They immersed themselves in the energy of the music as if they were actually there.

Key Requirements

  • Reliability – seamless 360° Content Delivery Network supporting 20,000 fans in 35 different countries
  • High bandwidth – communication between its servers has to be near instantaneous
  • 24/7 technical support

Our Solution

  • 360° videos and a broadcast platform were linked into a seamless streaming VR experience by our powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • 20 terabytes of data relayed through Leaseweb’s data centers and private cloud
  • 24/7 support

Hanging out with the DJ

Hardwell’s performance marked the first- ever 360° Virtual Reality broadcast of a DJ. Streaming live from sweltering Miami, but available even in an air-conditioned living room thousands of miles away, the VR live stream let anyone roam freely through the dancing crowd, and even stand next to Hardwell in the DJ booth. Powered by Leaseweb and one of the world’s best DJs, VR entered a new era.

"I think the fans don’t even realize how important Leaseweb is to them. Because of Leaseweb we can provide them with all the live streams worldwide, they have the podcast every week, they can download it at full speed and it’s really important to have a really good provider behind you to give your fans everything they expect from you."

Robbert van de Corput, Hardwell

Unprecedented performance

360° videos and a broadcast platform were linked into a seamless streaming VR experience by our powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN). 20 terabytes of data were pumped through cyberspace using data centers and the cloud to help bring something unprecedented to life. The ever-innovative DJ Hardwell was not just in ‘the house’, but in every house. And we were there with him as he danced, matched beats, and put on an incredible, truly one of a kind performance.

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