1. What happens to my existing ServInt servers/services?

Nothing will change for your current servers/services. Everything remains in the same locations and they will be managed by the same team and customer service personnel.

2. Can I expect the same level of support for my servers/services?

Absolutely! There will be no immediate changes to the level of customer service and support ServInt clients receive. However, over the coming months and years, this partnership will enhance our ability to serve and support your IT needs! Until then, the support team that has been managing your current services and products, will continue to do so.

3. Who will manage my servers/services for me?

The current support team will remain the same for all ServInt customers. There will be no changes to how your products and services are currently supported.

4. Will my current service be interrupted for any period of time?

No. There will be no interruptions to service as a result of the acquisition. All your current servers/services will be running as expected with no changes or interruptions.

5. Who do I contact if I have a question or issue?

Contact numbers, email addresses, and Portal access will remain the same through this acquisition. If there is someone you would normally call, you’re welcome to contact them directly and they’ll be happy to help.

6. Will the ServInt products still be available?

Yes, all current products ServInt provides will be available to all existing and new ServInt customers.

7. Can I expect Leaseweb to manage my servers/services the same as ServInt does?

Absolutely! You will be able to continue to use the same familiar processes to obtain service and support that you have been using all along. Leaseweb will not modify how your servers/services are currently managed.

8. Am I able to purchase Leaseweb products?

Yes. All Leaseweb services and products are available to ServInt customers. You may either speak to your ServInt account representative who can make an introduction to Leaseweb, or you may contact a Leaseweb Account Manager directly. To contact Leaseweb, please call +1 (571) 814-3777 or email sales@us.leaseweb.com. We have convenient online chat available as well through our website.

9. Can I add Leaseweb services or products to my existing ServInt products?

Yes. The service and product synergies between ServInt and Leaseweb are part of the reason we’ve chosen to work together. You will find many of Leaseweb’s offerings to be complimentary to your existing ServInt products. Please feel free to reach out to our sales team at sales@servint.com to discuss new ways we can support your evolving IT needs.

10. Will the current pricing for my products change or increase?

No. All current pricing remains the same and you will not see any pricing increases.

11. What do I need to do?

Through months of meticulous planning, we are confident that you will not need to make any changes on your end. Moreover, we believe you will be pleased to have full access to the combined services, capabilities, and expertise Leaseweb and ServInt have to offer. Contact your sales representative to find out what ServInt, a Leaseweb company, can do for you.