Performance. Scalability. Security. Have it all with Hybrid Cloud

One-size-fits-all solutions are no longer enough. With Hybrid Cloud, you take the best of dedicated servers, public cloud or private cloud and customize them to precisely fit your specific business needs.

Hybrid hosting maximizes efficiency

Max efficiency

Hybrid hosting maximizes revenue

Max revenue

Hybrid Cloud Security

Max security

Maximize efficiency

With Hybrid Cloud you put the different parts of your workload where they work best. Processor intensive tasks like databases on Dedicated Servers can be combined with public or private clouds that give you instant scalability to cope with surges in demand.


Maximize revenue

Hybrid Cloud is the cost effective solution to your business needs. Why invest in costly on-premise hardware when you can get the compute capacity you need on demand in the cloud? Pay only for the compute capacity you need when you need it.


Maximize security

Single tenant servers give you the highest level of security over your data. Hybrid Cloud lets you use Dedicated or Bare Metal Servers for that portion of your workload while still taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud for the rest of your operation.

With LeaseWeb's Hybrid Cloud we can put different workloads where they work best to optimize performance and cost efficiency.
Jeroen Boks

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We make it easier to create the hybrid solution that's right for you

We started doing Hybrid Cloud long before it became a trendy buzzword. And we do it better than most other companies thanks to a unique set of capabilities:


Help with design

We’ll work closely with your technical people to create the ideal combination of technologies – even incorporating legacy or enterprise systems to maximize your ROI.


'Can do' culture

What makes LeaseWeb unique is our flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile with you to come up with truly one-off, 100% tailored solutions. 


Complete product portfolio

A hybrid solution is only as good as its parts. Our product portfolio gives us expertise in all the relevant technologies and unique insights into how to combine them.


A world class platform

Our global network and strategically placed data centers guarantee you connectivity, performance and availability – while extensive automation gives you total control.