Celebrating 20 Years of LeaseWeb

Con Zwinkels

Con Zwinkels, CEO
& Co-Founder

Reflections from our CEO, Con Zwinkels

When we started LeaseWeb in 1997, I could have never imagined what the company would become. The field of technology was quite different. The internet as we understand it today had barely emerged, dial up modems were the only way to get online, and no one had even imagined the possibility of the smart phone. Access to the internet was limited and at times hard to come by. I remember being in Nairobi after a flight with our 747 and trying to find a way to get online. There were actually no local connections, so I ended up paying nearly € 800 in calling charges to South Africa just to get access to the internet.

The more I flew the more it struck me how important it was to find new ways to connect people, and that a new way to do business was beginning to emerge. During a trip to Hong Kong in 1996 I came across a company that was building websites for businesses, and remember thinking that I hadn’t come across anything like it in the Netherlands. So when I returned home I decided it was the perfect moment to try something new and soon after LeaseWeb was founded.

LeaseWeb Today

We believe that by connecting people with the right technology, the best team, global opportunities, and one another, you empower them to reach a greater world.

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Life at LeaseWeb

Our diverse team draws people from over 35 different countries who are united by their passion for the cloud, and desire to make a difference.

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