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Cloud Compute

Our Multi-tenant Elastic Compute, VMware vCloud and VMware vSphere products give you the power, scalability and performance you’ve been looking for.

Cloud Storage

When it comes to storing data, our cloud storage options provide the capacity, performance and security needed to ensure the best solution for you.
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Hybrid Cloud

Discover the flexibility to utilize and combine different infrastructures according to your needs and get the best of both worlds.

Why choose Leaseweb Cloud?


Transparent Pricing

Leaseweb Cloud solutions have transparent billing and predictable pricing models with no surprises at the end of the month.


First-Class Cloud Architecture

Leaseweb Cloud architecture ensures reliability, quality performance and excellent redundancy at all levels.


Top-level Hardware

Leaseweb Cloud runs on enterprise-class hardware from leading manufacturers - including Dell and HP - with the latest Intel Xeon processors.


Unrivalled SLAs

Our experts are on stand-by 24/7 to give you cloud support whenever you need it.


Hybrid Solutions

Connect your infrastructure to third-party data centers, cloud or networks using our private network solutions, providing cost-effective and secure options.

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