Apache CloudStack Private Cloud - On Demand

1 . Resource and data center 


You can configure and allocate your virtual resources (CPU, Memory, Storage and Network) in the Leaseweb Customer Portal once your product has been delivered.

Data Center


2 . Network 

Private Network for Private Cloud

Our Private Network enables you to set up and define your own private network between your Leaseweb services. You can increase your connectivity internally without being connected to external networks or even the Internet. Your Private Network runs on a private isolated network within our data centers, enabling secure and cost-effective data exchange with low latency.
Please select one or more network type(s) below
<b>Isolated Network </b><br> An isolated network connects instances connected to the internet via a virtual router device, and provides private networks using private IPs. Each isolated network needs at least one public IP.<b>Shared Network</b><br> A shared network connects instances directly to the internet using a public IPv4 address on the virtual interface. Selecting IP ranges for both network types results in a Cloud where every instance can be connected to a Shared network, Isolated network, or both.

Isolated Network

Shared Network


3 . Contract 

Contract Term

Billing Term

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