Montreal, Canada – June 28, 2023 –  Leaseweb, a leading Cloud services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, today announced the launch of Leaseweb Multi-CDN in Canada. Leaseweb Multi-CDN combines multiple content delivery network (CDN) providers, helping customers increase their global reach and improve their end-users' experience with unmatched reliability and availability. The announcement was made at the Collision 2023 technology conference in Toronto.

By stacking CDN providers with a redundant switching mechanism, Leaseweb Multi-CDN intelligently routes traffic, ensuring optimal performance, reduced latency, and enhanced end-user availability. Businesses benefit from an out-of-box content delivery solution by offloading contract negotiation and administrative tasks, saving them time, money and stress.

Multi-CDN enables Media, Entertainment, Marketing, Advertising, SaaS, Gaming and iGaming providers – to reduce latency and improve the performance of their high-bandwidth content, irrespective of traffic spikes.

“The majority of our customers in Canada are delivering services to a worldwide audience, which challenges them to deliver fast and resilient digital experiences, even as the volume of visitors, connected devices and file sizes continues to grow,” said Roger Brulotte, CEO of Leaseweb Canada. “We are excited for the launch of Leaseweb’s Multi-CDN in Canada to help organizations gain a competitive edge by improving the speed, reliability and availability of their content from anywhere in the world.”

With the power of multiple industry-leading CDNs and a total capacity of 175+ Tbps Leaseweb uses an optimized strategy that leverages performance metrics in the decision-making process. It can handle any spike using up to 3 global CDNs with real time traffic routing. Leaseweb can also tailor solutions for demanding customers that are looking for content delivery based on various metric combinations, such as low-cost and high-volume demand with high performance and high availability.

For more information, visit the Leaseweb Multi-CDN page page.

About Leaseweb

Leaseweb is a leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider serving a worldwide portfolio of 20,000 customers ranging from SMBs to Enterprises. Services include Public Cloud, Private Cloud,  Dedicated Servers ,  Colocation,  Content Delivery Network , and Cyber Security Services supported by exceptional customer service and technical support. With more than 80,000 servers, Leaseweb has provided infrastructure for mission-critical websites, Internet applications, email servers, security, and storage services since 1997. The company operates 25 data centers in locations across Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America, all of which are backed by a superior worldwide network with a total capacity of more than 10 Tbps.

Leaseweb offers services through its various subsidiaries, which are Leaseweb Netherlands B.V., Leaseweb USA, Inc., Leaseweb Asia Pacific PTE. LTD, Leaseweb CDN B.V., Leaseweb Deutschland GmbH, Leaseweb Australia Ltd., Leaseweb UK Ltd, Leaseweb Japan KK, Leaseweb Hong Kong LTD, and Leaseweb Canada Inc.

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