Last month, Texel Airshow 2012, the Netherlands' largest airshow planned for 2012, agreed a sponsorship deal with internet hosting provider LeaseWeb, one of the biggest players in web-hosting solutions in Europe and the United States. The sponsorship deal guarantees that Texel Airshow now has the resources it needs to ensure that the event, scheduled for Saturday 28 July 2012, will be a great success.


LeaseWeb Texel Airshow is organised by Texel International Airport and is held on the island. The highlight of the event will be the arrival of more than 200 civilian aircrafts from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK. There will also be a series of special aerobatic displays both by civilian aircrafts and aeroplanes and helicopters from various air forces, marines and rescue services. 


Participants at the last show, held in 2007, included the classic ‘Uiver’ DC-2 and the largest civilian aerobatic display team featuring jet fighters, the Breitling Jet team. It also included the Royal Jordanian Falcons, an extraordinarily elegant acrobatic stunt team from the Middle East and the Breitling Wingwalkers (formerly Team Guinot) who certainly lived up to their name. Of course, Netherlands Air Force was also there, with its demo F-16 and the gigantic KDC-10 aerial refuelling tanker.


In the weeks and months to come, more details will be released about participants in the LeaseWeb Texel Airshow 2012. 


Con Zwinkels, director of LeaseWeb: "We are particularly proud to be able to associate the name of our company with one of Europe's greatest airshows. We look forward to working with the event's organisers to make it a resounding success yet again.


"Ed de Bruijn, Air Display Director for LeaseWeb Texel Airshow: “Thanks to LeaseWeb's support, LeaseWeb Texel Airshow 2012 promises to be a superb event. LeaseWeb enables us to create a top-quality programme, which would be almost impossible without a sponsor of its calibre.”


For pilots:
You are welcome to arrive at the Leaseweb Texel Airshow by air. Please first consult the website for general information and slot times.