A truly secure virtual network has often been a misnomer, as most hosting providers share “private networks” amongst multiple customers. LeaseWeb USA, a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, is addressing this head-on with the addition of an authentic virtual networking solution as part of its product portfolio. This landmark step-change will give IT managers and engineers the option to spin up new instances within a truly private virtualized server environment.


The new globally-available product suite is now split into classic virtual servers and more advanced cloud IaaS. This allows LeaseWeb customers to build more complex infrastructures on demand, which are easily managed through LeaseWeb’s robust customer portal.


Now available in the U.S., LeaseWeb’s new cloud Iaas offerings were previously announced in the Netherlands and Germany.


“Our customers take advantage of our ability to scale rapidly. Virtual networking, the ‘real stuff’ we’re talking about here, will provide them with even more flexibility. When other providers offer ‘private networks’ it’s often caveated by ‘shared with multiple customers’ or burdened with hidden costs. Through LeaseWeb’s new offerings, our customers can now fully shield their cloud infrastructure from the public Internet at a low, transparent price point. This allows them to focus on creating an ideal cloud hosting solution.” said Robert van der Meulen, Cloud Manager, LeaseWeb.


LeaseWeb’s new virtual server and cloud IaaS offerings are based on cutting-edge hardware and virtualization techniques. The cloud platforms are designed for maximum redundancy; CloudStack technology is at the core and are backed by a lightning-fast global network with a capacity of 3.0 Tbps. The suite of offerings now include:


  • Virtual Servers: Deployed on a fully redundant cloud platform that utilizes open source KVM hypervisors and fast network-attached storage, Virtual Servers will restart on a different node in the event of failure on a hardware node, minimizing downtime. Each instance comes with its own CPU, memory, network drive(s), free firewall functionality, and the customer’s choice of OS.
  • LeaseWeb Cloud: Combines the features of a Virtual Server with true private virtual networking. LeaseWeb Cloud enables advanced setups in which only part of the cloud is connected to the public Internet, while back-end systems can freely communicate with each other. Free internal traffic via private IP is included; customers are only charged for data traffic that goes into or out of the virtual network.
  • Private Cloud: Provides higher levels of security and isolation of cloud resources. For customers with individual requirements, the Private Cloud architecture allows customers to take full advantage of the power, flexibility, and agility of the cloud, while still conforming to security and compliance requirements.