Organizations that require a global high-bandwidth file delivery solution can utilize LeaseWeb’s CDN to reliably distribute large files, stream live feeds or setup video on demand (VoD).


LeaseWeb’s CDN solution is housed within its global network of data centers in order to cache copies of web and video files. When a web user requests information or clicks on a video, the CDN streams the content from the geographically closest server. By reducing the distance that data has to travel, LeaseWeb makes ultra-large video and file downloads more efficient and reliable.

CDN Hosting

LeaseWeb’s CDN is a hybrid solution utilizing traditional hard disks for static archiving and Solid State Drive (SSD) flash memory for caching – ensuring dynamic high speed and reliability. The software driving the CDN has been developed in-house by LeaseWeb’s own R&D team. LeaseWeb’s CDN supports HTTP live streaming (HLS) and pseudo streaming for VoD. The most popular codecs are supported, including MP4, H264, Flash video (FLV), and VP8 (WebM). This makes the CDN platform suitable for online gaming and video streaming providers.

The engineering and product development team perfected the CDN platform in a closed environment in co-operation with a number of clients. During the last couple of months LeaseWeb actively gathered feedback from its beta customers and fine tuned the platform.

Ignacio Manrique de Lara, LeaseWeb’s CDN Manager, says: “During beta testing, our CDN delivered 18 Gbps of bandwidth for downloads and the performance was outstanding."

"With one of the largest hosting networks and a current total capacity of 3.0 Tbps, backed with strong peering agreements, LeaseWeb’s CDN offers a high capacity connection with protection from Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS). The CDN also comes with robust SLAs, uptime guarantees and a dynamic real-time network performance dashboard. The CDN launch complements LeaseWeb’s existing IaaS hosting offering, joining dedicated servers, private and public cloud, colocation and hybrid hosting, to offer both standardized hosting solutions and advanced options for custom IT infrastructures". 

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