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LeaseWeb Content Delivery Network (CDN)

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Does your organization require massive bandwidth capabilities to stream live feeds in high definition (HD) or set up video on demand (VoD)? Are you looking for advanced techniques like adaptive video streaming? Or do you want to ensure fast, reliable delivery of resource-intensive software applications and large files?   

Then our next-generation CDN is perfect for your business, while also meeting the needs of today’s Internet user. It guarantees the fast delivery of rich, engaging websites and optimizes the way your web-based applications interact with the Internet, accelerating response time.

Combining a highly innovative client-side management interface with our renowned world-class network infrastructure, our unique CDN features the latest technology designed to reduce latency and accelerate your business.

The next-generation CDN

Our CDN was built using the latest web technologies and features innovative techniques, such as adaptive video streaming and media optimization, while utilizing our state-of-the-art network to deliver unrivalled performance compared to any legacy CDN.

The setup is simple and straightforward, while the user-friendly performance dashboard offers highly configurable functionality. Manage content via access logs, as well as refine all distribution options, such as bandwidth throttling (limiting bandwidth per single connection) and pseudo-streaming (for example, Flash or HTML5 content seeking).

Our network infrastructure spans multiple data centers in Europe and the U.S., utilizing an unmatched connectivity mix of privately peered connections and arrangements with global transit providers.

How does the CDN work?

A CDN is a system of distributed servers that deliver webpages and other web content to end-users from the closest geographical server. When a user makes a request, the relevant content is pulled from its original location, stored on a cache server and then delivered to the end-user from the nearest location. This makes the delivery of the content extremely efficient and reliable, resulting in a smooth and seamless end-user experience.

LeaseWeb CDN


  • Active distribution of software and large files using push technology
  • Dynamic site acceleration using pull technology
  • Accelerated download of small, frequently accessed files using pull technology
  • Pseudo-streaming enables random seeking to any part of a videos timeline
  • 4.0 Tbps bandwidth capacity
  • State-of-the-art network with multiple transit and peering uplinks via 33 IXs and 52 PoPs
  • 100% solid-state drive (SSD) storage
  • Seamless integration via first-class citizen API
  • Full control via Customer Portal
  • 100% uptime SLA and 24/7 support

Our CDN pricing is fully elastic

Our CDN is available in two options: Pay-as-you-go and Enterprise. Pay-as-you-go offers flexibility with minimal upfront costs and no long-term commitment. While Enterprise offers high-volume customers substantial cost savings over the Pay-as-you-go pricing, as well as options to tailor the platform to meet specific requirements.

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