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Linkfluence is the social media intelligence partner of over 300 global brands, including some of the most innovative companies in the world.
Paris, France

The Customer

Linkfluence is a marketing technology company headquartered in Paris that specializes in developing social media intelligence software. They develop social listening tools which use artificial intelligence to analyze large collections of data to help brands and agencies make better business decisions.

The Challenge

Linkfluence needed to optimize their infrastructure, as the intelligence software which powers their business was using a lot of compute power and incurring large costs when hosted on a major public cloud provider (on a typical pay-per-use plan).

They were looking for a more cost-effective hosting alternative that could handle power-intensive processes without sacrificing performance. This challenge was restraining the growth of the company, as they needed to be able to invest in developing their software, but as a startup they had certain financial constraints.

Linkfluence were also seeking a more reliable hosting provider as their previous one had some availability issues which had caused interruptions to their service. Linkfluence has a SLA with their customers which guarantees high availability, so their hosting provider needs to support that.

The Solution

Linkfluence selected Leaseweb as they were recommended by friends from within their industry. After discussing the customer challenge, we found a hosting solution which could give more performance for the same budget.

The Leaseweb solution was to begin shifting the power-intensive processes to customized high-performance dedicated servers. Our dedicated servers would be integrated with the customer’s existing hybrid cloud setup and connectivity would be powered by the Leaseweb Network.

To speed up onboarding, Leaseweb quickly provided access to a customized API that would allow Linkfluence to automate their processes, which was of high importance to their development team. The API allows Linkfluence to rapidly deploy servers on-demand so they can easily scale up and down.

We deployed dedicated servers to cope with the processor-intensive workloads. These servers could easily handle the speed and memory requirements for the customer and more could be added as the customer scaled up these workloads.

Key requirements

  • High computing capacity – to power processor-intensive workloads
  • High availability – Linkfluence guarantees 99.9% service availability for their clients
  • Cost-effective – previous cloud provider was proving costly for their workloads
  • Automation – to speed up development

Our solution

  • Powerful dedicated servers in Tier 3 data center
  • High-quality hardware and a network uptime of 99.999%
  • Improved price/performance – giving 4 x performance on the same budget
  • Provided rapid access to API to fit customer needs

“Leaseweb are really customer-centric and when you ask questions you always get answers super-fast, which was a nice change for us when dealing with hosting providers."

Nicolas Yzet, VP Software Engineering, Linkfluence

The Partnership

The partnership has been able to grow as we’ve made sure we’re attentive to their requirements as a fast-growing software startup. Leaseweb make sure that Linkfluence’s small and agile development teams always have enough support with tooling and management – enabling automation where possible and acting as quickly as possible to avoid disrupting their service. We've made sure to swiftly resolve any technical issues which was a pain point Linkfluence mentioned about previous hosting providers.

Leaseweb have complemented Linkfluence’s main hosting partner by handling the processor-intensive workloads with our dedicated servers, but also by stepping in when a disaster occurred at their main hosting provider’s data center. In this instance, Leaseweb were able to act as a backup service as the customer switched all their processes to Leaseweb infrastructure, and everything ran smoothly until the other provider was able to get back up and running again.

The Outcome

By switching to Leaseweb’s dedicated servers, the customer achieved a 300 percent performance increase for the same budget that was being spent on the previous cloud provider. This means that Linkfluence can now do a lot more processing when using the recommended Leaseweb servers in conjunction with Leaseweb Network.

Through Leaseweb, the customer has optimized their infrastructure and are now powering their processor-intensive workloads more cost-effectively.

“As our AI models get more and more complex they become more expensive to run, so this extra performance Leaseweb is providing is critical for us.”

Nicolas Yzet, VP Software Engineering, Linkfluence

Meet our expert

Stéphane Ngali

Global Account Manager

Stéphane is an Account Manager for Southern Europe, including France, Cyprus, Malta, and Spain. He is responsible for driving key areas of business in these regions and discovering new opportunities in FinTech, and with Managed Service Providers (MSP's). He has been with Leaseweb for four years and previously studied business management, finance, and information systems.  In his spare time, he enjoys running, boxing and traveling in the Caribbean and Africa.