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Jewell Technical Consulting, Inc. (JTC) is a leading provider of technology-based business solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C metropolitan areas.
Manassas, Virginia
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The Customer

Founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2002, JTC is a leading technology consulting firm for the busy D.C. metropolitan area. JTC employees are fully certified by Cisco and Microsoft and are full-time professionals dedicated to providing unparalleled IT services support and offering best-in-class business solutions.

The Background

JTC began working with Leaseweb eight years ago when their cloud infrastructure was hosted at a data center in Sterling, Virginia – about 20 miles from their headquarters in Manassas, Virginia.

As the business grew, JTC found themselves making an increasing number of trips to the Sterling data center. These trips resulted in significant travel time for employees, reducing work efficiency and adding unnecessary costs. Since JTC did not want to relocate its headquarters, they needed to find a local solution that combined infrastructure performance, reliability, and availability with a convenient location. They required an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider who would be able to migrate their technology with minimal downtime.

In 2011, several service providers, including Leaseweb (who's US headquarters are close to JTC), opened data centers in the Manassas area. After reviewing all potential partners, JTC selected Leaseweb as the most impressive and cost-effective blend of infrastructure performance and location, backed by strong migration capabilities and customer support.

That strong partnership has continued to this day. Leaseweb and JTC are now working on delivering the next stage of JTC's infrastructure strategy: a major hardware upgrade and data center migration project.

The Challenge

In 2019, Leaseweb began working with JTC to update their data center strategy to meet their growing business needs and support plans to increase its customer base over the coming years.

The project includes a major hardware infrastructure update, with JTC implementing its fifth generation of cloud infrastructure. The two main objectives are:

  1. Migrating JTC's 75 servers and virtual machines to a newer Leaseweb data center location more suited to their specific requirements.
  2. Implementing JTC's fifth-generation cloud infrastructure with a comprehensive hardware replacement strategy, including a move from their legacy Storage Area Network (SAN) to a hyper-converged solution.

A significant part of the migration plan is to ensure solutions go live with minimal service downtime to provide a seamless transition for JTC and its customers.

The Solution

As Leaseweb is responsible for both JTC's existing and new data center locations, they can provide a team dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible. Leaseweb is also providing additional dedicated bandwidth to optimize the data migration process between existing and new data center infrastructure. JTC's legacy data center and hardware infrastructure will continue to run in parallel with their new solution and will be decommissioned when the migration is complete.

Key Requirements

  • User-friendly dashboard – the ability to monitor peak times and be notified if there is an issue or if JTC experiences downtime
  • Infrastructure management – a team dedicated to ensuring there is minimal downtime when taking on larger projects
  • Single point of contact – the ability to speak to one team of representatives promptly to resolve issues as fast as possible.

Our Solution

  • Colocation – at Leaseweb’s top-tier, ISO certified data centers
  • Leaseweb personal consultation and support service – helping to alleviate workloads
  • Leaseweb Network – high-speed connections with traffic load balancing

“Leaseweb is an ideal technology partner for JTC. Not only do they have the experience, skills, and technology services to deliver a reliable, high-performance service, but they minimize the management burden on our team, anticipate our needs and ensure we can focus on building our business. The longevity of our partnership emphasizes how important it has become."

John Jewell, President & CEO, JTC

The Support

Leaseweb and JTC's teams worked together to maintain and host JTC's servers and virtual machines. Leaseweb provides hands-on support 24/7 to help with provisioning, backup, recovery, and other advanced server requirements. This arrangement ensures JTC can satisfy its customers' needs without worrying about service interruptions when transitioning to the fifth-generation cloud environment and moving data center locations.

The Outcome

JTC has an ambitious strategy to execute its hardware upgrade and data center migration plans to support its business goals of doubling its client base and moving towards a hyper-converged environment. Leaseweb's solution provides high-speed processing, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and an integrated technical service team – all at a competitive price.