Only pay for what you use!

Apache Cloudstack Pay-as-you-go gives you freedom and flexibility to scale your infrastructure as and when you need to. Your resources will be delivered instantly and you will only pay for what you use.

Apache CloudStack Private Cloud

Starting from

Scale up/down anytime

Scale your capacity up or down hour by hour and pay only for the time you’re actually using the resources.



Network In (per GB)€ 0.015 / $ 0.015
Network Out (per GB)€ 0.015 / $ 0.015
CPU (per core)€ 0.0168 / $ 0.0180 per hour
RAM Memory (per GB)€ 0.0168 / $ 0.0180 per hour
Storage* (per GB)€ 0.225 / $ 0.225 

*Storage is billed based on your peak usage per month. For example if your capacity peaked at any point during the month at 100GB, you'll be billed for that amount.


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