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What is Leaseweb Private Cloud?

Private cloud is a form of cloud computing that offers a secure, dedicated environment that only you can access and operate. When comparing private cloud vs public cloud, with private cloud you get the same benefits of virtualized computing power such as scalability and flexibility, but with much more control, cost efficiency, privacy and security. Just select the compute power, memory, network, and storage packs, that fit your business needs and we’ll combine them into a pool of resources that provides you with a comprehensive suite of private cloud services.

Our private cloud solutions are built on the best platforms in the industry and are ideal for any type of workload – from small websites to large-scale enterprise applications.

Why Private Cloud? Key outcomes for your business

Lower Infrastructure Cost

Purchasing, running, and maintaining your own on premise infrastructure requires significant capital expenditures, while the cost of hyper-scalers can quickly become prohibitive as your business grows. By deploying your own private clouds, you are able to maintain maximum control while keeping down both CAPEX and OPEX.

Data Residency & Certifications

With 16 global data centers, including locations in the Netherlands and Germany, when you host your private cloud with us, you can have the added security of European data privacy laws. Add to that our comprehensive range of certifications, and you have the peace of mind you need to focus on your business, not your data.

Maximum security and performance

Moving from your own infrastructure to the cloud doesn’t mean you need to end up on shared, often overbooked, servers. With our private cloud solution you always have guaranteed resources. This means that your data is secure, and that you have the power you need to keep your site and apps running at full speed.

Familiar Technology

When choosing a private cloud solution, the last thing you want to worry about is a steep learning curve for your IT department. We offer a selection of industry leading technologies, because when you choose the tech that fits your team you keep productivity high, and employee satisfaction even higher.

Guaranteed business continuity

A private cloud computing setup offers a high degree of reliability and continuity, while reducing your exposure to the risk of latency, outages, and downtime. With guaranteed resources, full redundancy, and our expert team on your side, your business keeps running, and your customers stay happy.

We've got the right technology for your business

CloudStack private cloud

An open source favorite, CloudStack is packed with features and functionality. It's also highly customizable, providing tech savvy customers a high-performance cloud at an attractive price.

Key Features

  • Incredibly flexible and configurable
  • Open Source
  • Active community support
  • Powerful API
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VMware private cloud

VMware is one of the most widely adopted standards for private cloud development. You can choose from the "off the shelf" vCloud to create everything you need to get going, or VMware vSphere, which is a highly customizable solution capable of meeting specific business objectives.

Key Features

  • Industry standard
  • Established platform
  • Reliable and secure
  • Powerful API
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Microsoft Azure Pack private cloud

Leaseweb’s Azure private cloud provides you the ability to create a comprehensive, secure private cloud solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft services, without the need for major capital investments.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Hybrid ready
  • Guaranteed data residency in the EU
  • Flexible and configurable
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Why Leaseweb?

Leading brand hardware

Our prices are competitive, but that doesn't mean we cut corners on hardware. All of our Private Cloud Solutions run on enterprise class hardware, from leading manufacturers like Dell and HP with the latest Intel Xeon processors. To ensure the best performance, we also use separate physical networks for storage and Internet access.

Guaranteed Resources

From compute power and private cloud storage packs, to memory and network connectivity, the resources in your private cloud environment are guaranteed to you, we do not overbook our servers giving you full control over their allocation and use.

State-of-the-art network

We complement our class leading hardware with our leading global network that provides unmatched connectivity and low latency. Our public cloud platform resides on the Leaseweb network, which encompasses 25 IXs and 36 PoPs worldwide, provides 99.999% uptime, and 5.5 Tbps bandwidth capacity.

Featured Private Cloud Customers

  • AFAS Software

    "We wanted a party with a good continuous hosting infrastructure and high uptime. Dell recommended Leaseweb, and they were the only provider on the market that offered what we were looking for."

  • "Intrastores continues to experience rapid growth and tightly manages capacity through a highly advanced and global infrastructure from Leaseweb at very competitive prices."

  • "We chose to align ourselves with Leaseweb because of the sheer speed and potency of their next-generation CDN and scalability of their CloudStack-based private cloud."

  • "The platform is reliable, and the maintenance and advice that Leaseweb provides is hugely important; it allows our staff to focus on our primary business, instead of the hardware."


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