Take full control of your own private cloud.

With a private cloud you'll receive all benefits of virtualization while maintaining full control over resources and features. As part of our private cloud hosting service we provide the hardware and the virtual environment – leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.


Are you looking for a highly customizable private cloud solution that gives you access to dedicated resource pools with a comprehensive set of features?

VMware vCloud

Need more memory CloudStack can provide but don’t want to step up to a fully customized VMware solution? Our out-of-the-box vCloud gives you the best of both.


Do you want to run customized VMware environments, along with your own VMware vCenter management console as part of your private cloud infrastructure?

What is LeaseWeb Private Cloud?

LeaseWeb Private Cloud offers all the benefits of the Cloud but with dedicated resources in your own private cloud server environment. You can select compute, memory, network and storage packs, and we combine them in a pool of resources to provide a complete suite of private cloud services. With this private cloud computing solution, you have complete control over the allocation of these resources – combined with the ability to create your own virtual networks, including selection of IP addresses, creation of subnets, load balancers, and network gateways – only limited by your imagination and the capabilities of the platform you selected. Our private clouds are ideal for any type of workload – from small websites to large-scale enterprise applications, as well as software development and dynamic transcoding.



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Hypervisor(s)KVMVMware ESXVMware ESX
Virtual networkingSoftware, self-serviceSoftware, self-serviceHardware
APIIncludedIncludedExcluded icon
Dedicated coresIncludedIncludedIncluded
Storage capacityPools of any size for VM storage and snapshotsPools of any size for VM storage and snapshotsPools of any size for VM storage, snapshots and shares
Storage typeCentralized Full Flash NASCentralized Full Flash NASCentralized NAS or SAN
TemplatingIncludedIncludedExcluded icon
Hybrid cloudIncludedIncludedIncluded
MiddlewareApache CloudStackVMware vCloud DirectorVMware vCenter
Additional features
  • Fully controllable through an easy-to-use control panel
  • Core versus memory ratio of 1:1.5
  • Fully controllable through easy-to-use control panel
  • Core versus memory ratio of 1:4
  • Ability to import existing VMware Virtual Machines and vApps
  • Fully customizable and reserved resources built to order
  • Core versus memory ratio of 1:4

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