Why choose the LeaseWeb CDN solution?

Our CDN features a lean design which makes it easy for any web application to enjoy all the usual CDN benefits – speed, offload, security and availability – at the most competitive price. “API first” development means all accessible features and data are accessible to you using the LeaseWeb API.

Get everything you need to optimize your web presence with no hidden costs. The following full suite of advanced features and 100% uptime SLA are all included as standard with our CDN.

SSL certificationIncluded
Secure token URLIncluded
Hotlinking protectionIncluded
IP/Domain blacklistingIncluded
DDOS protectionIncluded


CDN Resources 
Unlimited zones/domainsIncluded
Fast purgeIncluded
Pre-fetch files functionalityIncluded
Header modificationIncluded
Cache expiry settingsIncluded
Cache query stringsIncluded
Ignore set cookiesIncluded
Bandwidth throttlingIncluded


Reporting & analytics 
Real time analyticsIncluded
Bandwidth and traffic graphsIncluded
Cache hit/miss ratioIncluded
CDN logsIncluded
HTTP status code reportingIncluded
View data between specific time framesIncluded
Reports/statistics through your dashboard or APIIncluded


“Always on” support 
Direct contact with our developer team by email, phone, or SkypeIncluded
Our comprehensive Knowledge Base is always available Included


Global network with more than 5 Tbps capacityIncluded
Up-to-the-minute status updatesIncluded
Full control over the entire global networkIncluded
DNS anycast networkIncluded


Control panel 
Intuitive designIncluded
Control your account, billing and CDN resources from one placeIncluded
Localize your preferencesIncluded
Reseller functionality includedIncluded


Electronic invoicesIncluded
Payment historyIncluded
Flexible payment methods (transfer, PayPal, credit card, direct debit)Included


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