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The AMD EPYC processors perfectly balance compute usage by delivering high I/O bandwidth - through a large number of PCIe lanes. The EPYC processors allow bigger workloads to run on smaller server models while less sockets are required to reach an equal performance. This results in significant savings for your workloads at and an attractive price/performance ratio. These servers also have several options for additional amounts of memory.


Higher memory capabilities

AMD EPYC processors support up to 2TB of memory per socket, surpassing the memory capabilities of competing processors by up to 150% depending on the selected CPU. These capabilities allow you to achieve significant performance gains when running memory intensive applications.

Well-balanced compute usage

AMD EPYC processors deliver higher core counts, memory capacity and memory bandwidth leading to excellent I/O density. This combination of capabilities removes bottlenecks in performance and allows the CPU to move data from and to the network, spinning disks, NVMe storage and graphics acceleration at extremely high speed.

Reduced TCO for high I/O bandwidth

The combination of compute enhancing capabilities not only allows for great performance. It also allows you to obtain this performance in a dense setup, meaning less CPUs and smaller machines are required to keep equal performance. This reduces the TCO required to achieve high I/O performance, especially (but not exclusively) on single CPU solutions.

Dedicated, embedded security processor

AMD EPYC processor-based servers help shield your systems, working to keep software and data safe while booting, running, and moving from server to server. The AMD Secure Root-of-Trust technology ensures that only cryptographically signed software is booted. AMD Secure Run Technology encrypts all software and data in memory, working to guard against unauthorized snooping and cold boot attacks while supporting secure VM isolation.

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