Law enforcement agencies can submit their warrants, subpoenas and requests to the relevant Leaseweb company via the following email addresses:

Leaseweb Netherlands
Leaseweb Deutschland
Leaseweb USA,
Leaseweb Asia Pacific Pte.
Leaseweb UK Ltd.
Leaseweb Hong Kong Ltd.
Leaseweb Australia PTY Ltd.
Leaseweb Canada
Leaseweb Japan K.K

Please fill Japanese Police Inquiry Form


Each of the Leaseweb companies only accepts warrants, subpoenas and other requests from law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction in the country in which the relevant Leaseweb company is located. Additionally, for Leaseweb USA, Inc. state warrants and subpoenas should be domesticated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If a law enforcement has a warrant, subpoena or other requests for a foreign Leaseweb company, it will need to submit such warrant, subpoena or request through the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty.

In general please note that warrants, subpoenas and requests should contain an IP address for the relevant Leaseweb company and a timestamp.

Note that it is a crime to falsely impersonate a law enforcement official.