The Leaseweb Community Outreach Program provides servers and network bandwidth to qualifying nonprofits that identify instances of technical Internet abuse including spam, malware, botnets, phishing, and more. If your organization is interested in joining, please send us an email with information about your company and how you’d like to help us keep the Internet safe.

Community Outreach Participants

Colo Clue

Offers colocation for tech-savvy hobbyists, run by network engineers for network engineers.

Cyber Defcon

Produces security software, reporting and analysis for web hosts and corporations.

Stop Badware

Produces security software, reporting and analysis for web hosts and corporations.


Designs infrastructure and software to help prevent hijacks and data breaches.

Protects the infrastructure of Internet service providers and network operators from malware.


Provides lists of known forum and blog spammers and checks posts against their spam database.


Works with law enforcement to identify spammers and provide real time anti­spam protection.

meldpunt kinderporno

Provides a space to report instances of child pornography.

shadow server

Gathers intelligence on the dark web to understand and stop high stakes cybercrime.

S.A.F.E Partners

We partner with Specialists, Analysts, Forensics and Experts in Internet safety to add an extra layer of protection to the Internet.


The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children serves as a crucial portal for issues related to missing and sexually exploited children.


Bits of Freedom campaigns for Internet freedom and privacy to ensure continuous online development, technological innovation and law enforcement.


s21Sec is a cybersecurity company that collaborates with governmental institutions like Europol and the FBI.

The Apache Software Foundation Sponsorship Program

Leaseweb is a proud Platinum sponsor contribute and annually makes substantial contributions to the assist with the ongoing support of the Foundation.