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What is Leaseweb VMware Cloud

VMware stands as a leading choice for robust cloud solutions. Leaseweb VMware Cloud offers the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a multi-tenant cloud platform and the security and efficiency of a dedicated private cloud environment all built on a familiar industry-standard framework. 

Opt for our pre-configured multi-tenant VMware vCloud for a swift and straightforward setup or delve into the customization possibilities of our dedicated private cloud VMware vSphere and HCI to precisely align your computing needs with your business objectives. 

Why Choose Leaseweb VMware


Trusted Platform

Leaseweb VMware Cloud is built on VMware technology, a trusted and widely used Virtualization Technology in the industry. This provides customers with the assurance of reliability and scalability, accommodating a wide range of workloads from legacy applications to modern microservices. 

VMware Resource Efficiency icon

Resource Efficiency

Leaseweb VMware Cloud offers a flexible allocation model, allowing customers to tailor and match their compute requirements to their cloud deployment. This optimization of resource utilization efficiency ensures maximum value for your investment.

Cost Effective Operation icon

Cost Effective Operation Model

Leaseweb VMware offers operational expenditure (OpEx) friendly solutions, allowing customers to access tailored solutions and high computing capabilities without upfront capital investment in physical hardware. The flexibility to scale infrastructure according to fluctuating demand helps prevent unnecessary IT resource overspending, making it beneficial for both rapidly expanding enterprises and cash-conscious startups. 

Reliable and Secure icon

Reliable and Secure

With built-in security features, compliance with EU data protection regulations, and access to one of the most dependable networks in the industry, your business enjoys unparalleled security and reliability. Our vCloud offering includes complimentary DDoS IP Protection, while NSX-T is available in our private cloud HCI offering. You can opt to further safeguard and ensure the availability of your virtualized applications with our add-on integrated backup solution and DR solution. 

Admin Minimized icon

Minimize Administrative Burden and Costs

By choosing Leaseweb VMware Cloud, you can relieve the stress associated with setting up and managing the virtualization layer on your servers. Leaseweb handles the infrastructure as well as the virtualized layer, allowing customers to concentrate on their applications and operational services. This eases the administrative tasks associated with managing virtualized environments. 

vmware high availability

High availability

The multi-tenant and single-tenant cloud VMware platforms provided by Leaseweb are built in an N+1 resiliency model. This architecture ensures service availability in the event of component failure, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity. 

Leaseweb VMware Cloud Key Features

Self service capability

Self Service Capability

The self-service functionality provided by Leaseweb VMware Cloud allows customers to manage their workloads effortlessly through vCenter Server or VMware vCloud® Director. This grants users the flexibility to provision compute, storage, and network resources on-demand, leading to increased agility and faster resource deployment. 

Private Networking icon

Private Networking

With Leaseweb VMware Cloud’s private networking feature, customers can securely connect their dedicated servers to their cloud deployments. This enables increased internal connectivity without the need to communicate over external networks or the Internet, ensuring data privacy and enhancing network performance. 

Hybrid Ready icon

Hybrid Ready

Leaseweb VMware offerings are hybrid-ready, allowing customers to efficiently establish and manage a genuine hybrid cloud platform. By leveraging our private networking capabilities, customers can deploy a solution that easily inter-connects different Leaseweb products. Optionally, our customers can leverage our Cloud Connect add-on feature to create a secure, direct connection to other public cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure (bypass the Internet) for a true hybrid or multi-cloud cloud setup. 

Powerful API icon

Powerful API

The robust VMware API provided by Leaseweb VMware Cloud enables customers to automate manual maintenance tasks, saving time and increasing operational efficiency. This API also allows for easy integration with customers' existing systems, offering seamless control over their infrastructure and facilitating a more streamlined workflow. 

Leaseweb VMware Products

Leaseweb offers VMware vCloud,  a multi-tenant cloud; VMware vSphere, a Single Tenant Private Cloud; and HCI, a single-tenant setup with dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, and storage. 


VMware vCloud
(Multi-tenant Cloud) 

VMware vSphere
(Single tenant Private Cloud) 

(Single tenant Private Cloud) 

Environment Type 

Multi-tenant Cloud 

Single tenant Private Cloud 

Single tenant Private Cloud 

Resource Customization 

Create and manage multiple vApps and instances with a choice of OS within allocated resources. 

Complete control over RAM, CPU sizing, allocation, and overprovisioning to meet business needs.  

Provides significant resource customization options, especially for both compute and storage plus scalability within a dedicated environment. 

Control Over Resources 

Flexibility over allocation of compute and storage resources per vAPP.  

More control over underlying compute infrastructure and access to a secure, isolated environment. 

Delivers complete control over resource clusters, with the environment fully dedicated to one organization, ensuring privacy and exclusive access. 

Storage Options 

High performant SSD/SATA storage. 

High performant SSD/SATA storage. 

Leverages NVMe-based vSAN storage directly within hypervisors, with options to expand storage through NAS/SAN from Leaseweb's pools. It offers robust data protection and recovery options. 


Edge Gateway Services (ESG) for network connectivity, VPN services, LB and Firewall. 

Includes Distributed vSwitch for centralized ESXi and VM network management. 

Includes NSX-T Basic network for more enhanced network functionality and security. 

Use Case 

Suitable for small and medium-scale cloud deployments and for general cloud computing needs. 

It is a good fit for running business applications with high CPU, Storage, and Memory requirements and applications requiring scalable compute resources. 

Ideal for high-end mission-critical workloads requiring dedicated storage and computing with very low storage latency and high security. 


Product Sheet

Leaseweb VMware vCloud

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Leaseweb VMware vSphere

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Leaseweb VMware HCI

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a single-tenant deployment, each client has their own dedicated virtual environment for better control and security, but it may cost more. Multi-tenant deployments allow for shared infrastructure among multiple clients with data privacy and security. 
VMware vSphere is designed for enterprise-grade deployments with high customization and performance needs and provides dedicated hypervisors per client. VMware vCloud is better suited for medium workloads with multiple clients using similar infrastructure. 
Both platforms are highly performant and reliable. Additionally, VMware provides the option to define your own VM sizes from the resource pool, while public cloud gives you the ease of predefined instances but not the flexibility. When deciding between these two options, consider factors such as compatibility and integration with existing infrastructure, unique use cases, and familiarity with cloud technology for effective management and control.  

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